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OC Design #17: Changing Skin Color – Fail?

I did the last design post in August last year! Time flies…

I did some minor projects in between, but they are still not finished. I had a really good day today, so I thought I will show you what I did like asap and not at some point later. It is connected to a parcel that is on the way to me right now: My milkey chocolate Viola Body โค

The head I have here for her is my Doll Chateau Charles, but is just not the same skin color as the body. The body is a very rich and dark brown – but the head a light normal skin.

So what to do?

Summerbird/ Jessie herself made a great video about her technique to change the color of the skin, without any air brush or pastels. It is amazing, since you just have to work with paint. Also I wanted to try another sealant as MSC – Liquitex to be exact – and used a very good tutorial of Anandoll. But is it a good idea to try both together? Will the new sealant work with the skin change?

Let’s see what happened:

Here is my Doll Love Evol Head, she already got some stains of different experiments – she is my practice head after all ^^ She has a pretty creamy and yellowy “normal” skin tone, but we will try to get her dark.

Let’s go ๐Ÿ™‚

First of I sealed the head with multiple layers of Liquitex. Then I mixed a dark skin color from different Acryl colors and a lot of water. The first layer looked terrifying, but after it dried I continued with two more layers and some fix up at some places.

After it dried It became a shiny, but very pretty dark skin color and quite even. I was surprised it really worked so good.ย  She already became a complete different doll with this skin color and look at the difference!

After that I sealed the new skin with about 4-5 layers of Liquitex. One thing I did discover very fast, was the texture that was build with each layer of the sealant. I think this gave the skin an nice realistic touch.

After that I decided to give the head more dimension with some skin texture. I used a ripped sponge, different Acryl colors and finally some watery colors for freckles and pores. I think it turned out quite nice.

Up to this point I was very happy how everything worked so far. I contiued to use only Liquitex and gave her a face up like I always did.

And that was the point everything went sideways xD

The pastel colors worked okay, but the watercolor pencils did not work at all, the Acryl color blended together and became on splotch, every brush stroke I made wasn’t visible anymore and the texture was now way to uneasy. Seriously she looks fugly AF like this lol… And please don’t feel sorry for me – this is the reason I made this.
Thinking I would have tried it directly on my Charles head- which is what? …more than two times more expensive? …urgh.. – I would have beenย devastated. But this is my little Evol and she can handle ugly – not her first Rodeo xD

So what will I do differently when I will paint Charles?

I will try a mix of both sealants… If I let every layer dry properly it should not be a problem. I think I will start like today, until the skin is colored and textured, then I will switch to MSC since I will not need any more texture, but I need the grip of the other materials. I am still not sure, if I should try it again with Evol or go for Charles right away… No I think I will strip Evol in a few days and then I will try again on her – just to be sure. Anyhow I will show you guys all the results!!

Do you have experiences in face ups? Do you make them or do you prefer to commission someone? Do you have a favorite face up artist?
I hope you had a beautiful weekend – feel hugged and cheers โค

Tutorial Credits:
Summerbird BJD – Change Skin Color

Anandoll – Brush On Sealant Part 1Part 2




6 thoughts on “OC Design #17: Changing Skin Color – Fail?”

  1. This is suuper cool Nana!!!!
    (and almost creepy as I made also a post of my face-up tries โ€“ well not as experimental and interesting as yours โ€“ in my free week, guess it us scheduled also this week xD great minds think alike he)

    Anyways this was so interesting, really, to be honest I’m shocked that I never heard anything about this different sealing method! (whats wrong with me XD) I always use purity seal. So this was very helpful to see too!

    Maybe I should take a look around. I was surprised how well this technique works as I don’t have experience in general with changinf skin color all in all. And the texture really made the skin more realistic to I can understand your point to try out some combined sealing techniques the next time. It is so great to learn something new, so thanks for sharing your process and results!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahhh I am looking forward to your post!!! (Ein Hirn, wรผrde meine Mutter jetzt sagen xD)
      I think the most common is MSC because of the simple fact, that it works the best – in my opinion. But you know it too, to get your Hand on MSC in Germany, without paying a price that makes you faint, is nearly impossible. So I thought I will give it a try. Some People on Instagram made some great suggestions for my next try and today I will Strip her face again. So maybe I can try it tommorrow or on friday!
      Also the skin color change is still a surprise for me – i did not expect it to work so good!! I mean the first layer looked hideous! But with the second layer you could already see that this will work… So that is something I am not worried about, I just need the body for the right color. But the sealant subject… we will see xD


  2. Oh my~ That was very brave of you to experiment, even on your practice head! Smart, too, to try it out before doing it on Charles. I’m amazed at how well the paint technique turned out, and I do like how the freckles look, but the makeup – it looks like she’s been out in the rain, poor girl!

    I’m really glad you’ve shared this attempt with us. The only sealant I’ve tried is Liquitex, and I haven’t used that many layers yet. It seems to work pretty well holding pastels with just a few layers – haven’t tried much paint yet. It’s good to see how textured the sealant becomes if you apply many layers – maybe good for certain effects, but not so good for the paint, hm?

    Sounds like you had a lot of fun trying this out, so I hope the next attempt goes better! Good luck~!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “but the makeup โ€“ it looks like sheโ€™s been out in the rain”
      HAHahahahaha YES!!! That is exactly how she looks like. But I also think that the skin result is really good, the whole over the top texture just made it impossible to work with. Some one on IG also said, that I should not use too many layers, maybe you are right if I use less that the pastel will stick on it. I will try, but the next time I think the pastel layers will be with MSC. It seems that it is no Problem to mix both sealants, if every layer is dried properly. (I have to be patience… oh no xD )
      And yes I had a lot of fun… but we will see what is my mood after cleaning her up today lol

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  3. This looks cool and even with the tiny „mishaps“, you have learned a lot. I was afraid to try face ups on my resin dolls, so I worked on the vinyls a lot. Then I tested on my oldest BJD and it went all kind of way, just not sideways. But as long as I have fun, then it is OK. ๐Ÿ™‚

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