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OC Design #18: Face Up Update (+ Surprise)

Okay I really did it again… If you have no clue what I am talking about, here is part 1. But the rest knows the “insane face up project” I am talking about.

Here is Evol, my little practise head, with the skin color change and face up I did last time (Yes it is ugly, we know xD ) – BUT I decided to redo her a few days later.

I had to clean her first and that worried me a lot. I used Liquitex and I had no clue how well it will go off.

But then that happened:

It just peeled it of… This was so weird, but also so satisfying. The rest of the head was also cleaned fast, so I could start again. This time the first layer was Liquitex, then I painted the skin color and after that I only used MSC. The texture was more smooth and all my different materials did great on the surface. I tried some different things for the brows or lips – which I will not do like this, I think the lips don’t look good. But anyways, after this time I had a plan for my Charles head!

But first see the second try:

I went for a darker and less reddish skin color. And I thought this could be almost what the body will be. I also decided not to use Acryl paint for the freckles, I really like it more with watercolor paint.

And then she came… I thought I would get her in a few days, I saw in my tracking that she went to customs. But the letter came only one day after and I immediately drove there to pick her up. I did no box opening, I really had to enjoy her for myself, since the last week was just crap at work and I needed some positive boost!

Here she is with the Charles head on and some clothes of Marie (which are really stretchy), she also wears the Fairyland boots, which are a little snug, but it is alright.

Welcome home Nettie:

Look at this bodyyyyyyy ❤ #yaaaasqueen

Okay, but it was already Friday and on Saturday was the meet up. I really wanted to bring her with me, so did the face up – no more practice and no more safe. I used the same sealant as in the second try and took my time.

Here we go:

You can’t really tell from the pictures, but I first went too dark and too reddish, but in the last picture you can see the match was quite good. So I moved to skin texture and finally gave her a face, lashes and some temporary eyes!

I AM SO HAPPY – I mean look at her:

I am excited to hear your opinions… See more of her in this weeks ADAW 🙂
Cheers and hugs ❤

11 thoughts on “OC Design #18: Face Up Update (+ Surprise)”

  1. Good on you Rachel for having the courage to tackle this!! I don’t know if I would have, it must be so difficult to get the paint even. Well done!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The color match turned out really well! I’m astonished again at how smooth and nice the acrylic paint is – you really can’t tell that her head is painted to match her skin color. Nice job with the freckles – they do look more natural in the watercolor paint. Congratulations, Nettie is home!

    P.S. It looks so funny to see the paint peeling off the Evol head! And in the last picture with a bit of paint, she looks a little like a lovable spotted dog. XD

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  3. Ahh XD I also thought it must have been somehow oddly satisfying to peel the last face up off XD!! So the color looks really good and have to agree it mathes the body very well! What a great surprise she arrived this fast! Congrats on Nettie ^__^ and damn look at those curves! She is awesome !!! Great work and post! ^^

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  4. Oh, wow! Just loooove Nettie! Good job!
    Strange that the color on Evol just peeled off like that! It felt scary for some seconds. Glad that the resin is not damaged.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Wow you got the colour pretty darn close. I think you did a great job on this head. I would be way too freaked out to attempt anything like this so I always enjoy it when I see how other people attempt it. And that body is really lovely.

    Liked by 1 person

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