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Munich Doll Meet 21.04.2018

So it finally was time for another Munich Meet Up last Saturday.

I wanted to edit the pictures and post about it sooner, but as always I had no time – BUT here it comes. This time I think we were the largest group ever and there were some people I never met before.

Here are the people who I met this time:









I also had quite some dolls with me. On the road was Marie, Clarisse, Faunus and my new woman Nettie. I was really packed, but it was nice to have more than one dolls with me and especially to show Nettie and her fresh face up around.


We went to grab something to eat first and it was nice to get to know the people I never met before. Then we went to the park to take pictures and have a really beautiful evening outside. It was quite hot that day, but we and the dolls hid in the shadows lol. We also manged to do a group picture! But see everything below.

I am happy when I get the chance to see them all again. It is really a nice and funny group. I hope we can keep that regular schedule up 😉

Thank you for visiting me and my little space – now it is time for some pictures!

01 Warwick (SimplyDevine Thomas) – Meeksdoll


Rosamond (Dollits Miso on SummerbirdBJD body) – Roterwolkenvogel

03 Darya (Iplehouse Soo) – Toybox


Bory Luts Dolls – HorrorVacui

05 I have no clue who she is – I have to ask someone xD
Lisa Thoms Dragon – Theru


D á w n (DustofDolls Cöta) and F á w n y – F a y é (DustofDolls Cöta) – Van♡ri

07 Archer (La Legende de Temps Neil) – Meeksdolls
My little Nettie (DC Charles on SummerbirdBJD body)
…and yes he is totally her type xD


Darragh (Otherside Oddity) – Roterwolkenvogel

09 Archer (La Legende de Temps Neil) – Meeksdolls


Rusuko (MNF Juri ’13) – Theru

011 Lucien (SimplyDevine Harlequin) – Meeksdolls


013 Silvi (Rumpeldoll Morfeo) – Meeksdolls


Dollzone Annie – Himimiadoll

015 Harlow (Meeksdoll Harlow) – Meeksdolls


Group Picture ❤ ❤

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