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Hobby Talk #12: Doll Updates

What is happening right now???

I am confused about everything I got or wait on – since I thought I will go easy this year… I MADE PLANS!! And now I do everything else except my plans!…

I thought it is time to do some hobby talk with you guys! I will split this in three parts. I will tell you about the doll changes and a update of my waiting list. And then the second part will be in post #13, where I will tell you what I got new the last few weeks. And finally in post #14/third part I will talk about some story changes… or more evolving? There is a new race amd characters! So stay tuned…

Doll Chateau Debbie and the Angel of Dream body – aka Brigitte

Brigitte and my reshelling problem is solved! ( you can find the post here)
Thank you again for commenting: Alasse, Yureya, River, Niina and Xanadu – you are awesome and you helped me a lot through this “crisis” – I am still very thankful!

You were all right not to rush into things and give everything time. I was so so upset that nothing worked, that I was ready to give up. But after reading all you encouraging and supportive comments, I decided to sit her down, take care of other dolls and to look at her again after some time. And then the thought came, I was hoping for: I really hated the concept I had for her. I made her many classy, comfy or elegant things, dresses and her face up was very pink. She hated it and so I hated it, but I kept on and on and on… Then I did something I should have done a long time: I wiped her face and redressed her. BAM!

There she was… finally…

She poses like a Rockstar – don’t know when that happened and looks just badass. I love her attitude and just everything. I still will sued her – like Alasse recommended. Also don’t get me wrong, I did her face up – last year – and I still think it was good, but it did not fit her. One thing I noticed is since I wrote about her or about all of them, they demand a certain feeling or look. And if it is not right, I get annoyed. This was the whole problem…

Clarisse 01

Iplehouse KID Paige

I was able to buy a beautiful Paige – which was on my Wishlist for 2019 – second hand from the UK. You already saw her in her ADAW post . I love the Iplehouse KID Body and I am so happy to have her here. Her name is Clarisse and she is the child version of one of my characters.

Summerbird Viola Body

The body (left) is here and it is luxurious – just for a Queen. I love her proportions and how posable she is and her bum is just amazing. She got the Doll Chateau Charles head – you can see the journeys here and here – also she already debuted in the last ADAW I again did no box openings, also not for Clarisse, since I really needed this happy moments for myself. I was so great just to enjoy unpacking them and be all excited… And can we appreciate these three girls together. I mean wow – I am so happy about them!

Souldoll Spider Queen with Gana head

She is still in preparing since 6 months!! This even tops Doll Chateau with 5 month. The longest wait until now.

Souldoll Sweeter Lilly full doll
Souldoll Sweeter Sevi head

They are still in preparing since 3 months – so this will take a bit longer…

Granado Doll Luzifer 45/48 cm Crowdfunding

OMG I did that!!
Basically Granado did a Crowdfunding of Luzifer in different sizes – if five or more customers would want one size, the size will be produced. I placed a order and did realize what I did, when the size I wanted was a success – I mean what did I expect lol … Okay now I will get a beautiful Granado Luzifer in bronze… *bye money – wisper*

But who will this be? I will tell you in the third part what my plans maybe be πŸ™‚

So if everybody is here – safe and sound at home – this would be my current doll list:

  • DollLove Evol head normal skin (2014)
  • Doll Zone Demon Egg white (2016)
  • Doll Zone Freddi-2 head in normal skin (2016)
  • Souldoll Sweeter Sevi head in normal skin
  • Iplehouse JID Soa, peach golden skin (2014)
  • (Hybrid) Doll Chateau KID Debbie head in yellow skin + Angel Dream body in y-normal Skin (2017/2015)
  • Doll Chateau KID Collin in white skin/ male (2016)
  • Doll Chateau KID Collin in tan skin/ female (2017)
  • (Hybrid) MiracleDoll Baiye ghost head in white skin (2016) + Withdoll 45cm JWD Body in white (2017)
  • (Hybrid) Doll Chateau KID Charles head in pink skin (2017) + SummerbirdBJD Viola Body in milkey cream Skin (2018)
  • Granado Doll Crowdfunding Luzifer in bronze skin
  • Iplehouse KID Lonnie in grey skin (2016)
  • Iplehouse KID Paige in peach golden Skin (2017)
  • Doll Chateau Letitia in white skin/ limited full set (2016)
  • DollZone The Star/ limited full set (2016)
  • Souldoll Sweeter Lilly in normal Skin


  • Doll Chateau Faramita in white (2016)
  • Doll Zone Big Brother in white (2016)
  • Doll Chateau Little Red Riding Hood (2017)
  • Doll Chateau Hugin/ limited 2016 Halloween event (2017)
  • Pure Neemo Character Series No.97 Flying Witch – Makoto Kowata (2016)
  • Pure neemo character series no. 93 Kokoro ga sakebitagatteru da – Jun Naruse (2016) -> now on a Obitsu Vers. 2 normal Skin Body (2017)
  • Pure neemo character series no. 90 Goure kukkurri-san – Kohina Ichimatsu (2016)

So… Wow… I am overwhelmed… this are 19 full dolls and some parts. When did that happen? Oh yes, 2016/17 was just a time of dolls. But what can I say. I do regret nothing!!

I will continue to finish my characters that are already here and they are more to come. But everything with time, especially since I did not really sticl to my plans. Lol why did I even bother…

How big is your crew? Do you want more or less?
So stay tuned for part 2 – thanks and byebye πŸ™‚

Edit 03.06.2018: I cancelled the other two parts. I will tell you all the good things that happen or will happen, but I’m rethinkingΒ my concept and the way I will do it. So I ask you kindly for some patience – thank you and cheers ❀

8 thoughts on “Hobby Talk #12: Doll Updates”

  1. Ah, never regret anything when it comes to beautiful dolls! It often begins with one and before you know it you have so many, and lost your count. πŸ˜€ Love Clarissa, there is something with the Iplehouse Kid dolls. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “there is something with the Iplehouse Kid dolls.”
      Yes there is, isn’t?!
      They are beautiful made and I think of all the bodies they made, the KID body is the most advanced and best version. I am in love with it! πŸ˜€


  2. Oh wow! Brigitte looks awesome, and so sassy! Thanks for the info on Summerbird’s Viola, just took a look at her website. Unfortunately, 40 cm dolls are out of the question for me now I have set my height limit, but I will enjoy yours when you post her.
    You know my thoughts about IH kids, I love them, they are the perfect size for me. Paige is such a pretty girl, have you seen the makeover done by Joanne? She looks a real stunner with elf ears!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ll admit when I first started collecting the bjds, I had a concrete plan and idea for every doll character but I did find that did not work for me. These days, I make sure I keep the ideas loose with freedom to move, adapt and change. It saves my wallet too!

    I’m glad you were able to find what you wanted with Brigitte. Sometimes all you need is to take a step back and let yourself cool off before making any decisions. I am looking forward to see her new face up and what you will do with her.

    I’ve always wondered about Souldoll’s wait time. Thanks for posting about that. It sounds like they are like Doll Chateau and Dollzone with that.

    We can make all the plans in the world but the dolls always have other ideas. As long as you’re happy with the changes that’s all that matters.

    I have a big doll collection if you factor in all the different types of dolls I collect. My bjd collection is at 19 dolls at last count but technically spread out over the past ten years. I’ve slowed down a lot in buying them lately. I’m not sure yet if I will add more or not. It depends on what is available and if it moves me enough!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ” I make sure I keep the ideas loose with freedom to move, adapt and change”
      This is a great advice! I will try to give me more space and time to figure characters and their doll form out. There is one incoming I have not concrete plan, more some ideas and I am excited what will come (I will tell next week).

      I will first try to “complete” the dolls I have or that are on their way. This is already a task for itself xD


  4. How nice you managed to find a solution for Brigitte. I have experienced similar problems in my time in the hobby. There’s always a solution, you just need the right eyes to see it. πŸ™‚
    I hope your wait won’t be too bad with Souldoll T_T It makes me scared about ordering from them again. I also waiting around 6 months for my limited head (which I sold xD) But I still want a Juno someday.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I’M very late!!! sorry dear Nana! First of all I am very happy to read we were able to help you out! And Brigitte really rocks her new style! It can be sometimes hard and even more if you are unsure I have this with my “sorgenkind” Tsuyu right know I might consider changing someting on her too ^^ but thats another story! Clarisse is so pretty I’m happy oyu were able to get her!

    And suuuch great dolls plans oh my this makes me super excited for you and I almost want to get a new Bjd somehow too when reading about your happiness ^^ Or doing more with my BJDs. I hope they will arr arrive super fast! I’m especially looking forward to your Spider queen *__*

    What a great collection Oh I would love to see them all together (as for those who it is possible!) ^__^have a nice weekend dear

    Liked by 1 person

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