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Pro Artist – No To Recasts – A Statement

Hello dear Friends,

I never stated any kind of political statement here, about anything. But the last events made me think about my own opinion and my “neutrality” I hid behind. If you wonder, where this thought or post is coming from, I would recommend to read Musumes blog first and also Puffypuffer on IG.

Basically the biggest recaster Luo in China claimed the rights of differend doll Company Trademarks, this includes their logos and names. So he could legally sell recasted Dolls under the name of the original Artist. Like I said, I will not go into the whole details, please visit Musume she put everything in a readable blog  post.

But this made me think about myself.

I am and was always pro artist in this hobby, but what does this mean?
In short: all my dolls are legit!

But there is more behind that: The time I started the hobby I also looked for dolls on Aliexpress, but gladly I informed myself what these are before I bought a doll – so I never bought a recast. I can understand that it is at first tempting to buy a cheap doll, but the money you pay for a legit one is not only the doll – it is the work of the artist and your value of this work. Now after 4-5 years in the hobby I still value and respect the love every artist put in his or her work – that is for me #proartist. This is the reason I will always support the artists in this hobby, not the thief.

So yes I am pro artist and I say no to recasts, but does this stop with dolls?

I am thinking a lot about counterfeits I maybe have or use in my daily life. This hobby and my stand in this discussion made me think about other things: music, movies or clothes.

Is there really a difference?

You could say yes, because the movie industries for example are a billion dollar machine and nobody will get hurt, if I stream the movie…

But you could also say no, if it is respect and value that is important for yourself, do all the people who worked so hard for this film don’t deserve it?

I will not really answer this here… I think everyone has to choose what you want to stand for. It is just important to remember, that every decision has its consequences – like in the whole recasts situation…

So this are my thoughts… I would love to hear yours.
Until then bye and see you around ❤

Edit 03.06.2018: I am glad about the supportive response! I am still worried what will be next. Some companies bundled to together to have a better stand against Luo, but still this is not the end, more a beginning. We will see what the next months will bring!

6 thoughts on “Pro Artist – No To Recasts – A Statement”

  1. This is super horrible! I was and will always be pro Artist and my dolls are also all legit originals. I never though of buying a recast at all. Back then when I started it was also not a big thing I guess too so the danger of buying a recast was pretty much low then. These days are completely insane I recognized some years ago when searching for a doll company it happend a lot that recasters showed up too, which was very worrying… Reading these news make me super sad. I was and still am proud to say that I will always of course support the original companies If I want to get a new doll. I think all the recasting was bad enough and now this, it is insane how can someone think this is right? At least now all the pro recast people should recognize all the wrongness with these damn recast, well at least I hope. Sadly I think there will be still enough people who will support such actions?

    When I started this hobby I knew it was expensive and of course I can’t buy a new doll ever month and so on, but when I do I am even more excited and happy. And I would never show off with all the money I spend, expensive dolls or whatever. But a fact is that all the doll companies put their heart and a lot of work in there projects.. this is just not fair. I’m worrying about the news and what might change or all the other points which are affected due to this bullshit…

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  2. I like what you’ve written. I do think it’s a very important debate to have, even if it’s tough, especially for people like some of my friends, who are very shy but still are pro-artist.
    I believe it’s time to stand up for what’s right if we don’t want to see our hobby die anytime soon. This trademark issue is very damaging for the artists, but I hope they will overcome it with the love from the hobbyists. 🙂

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  3. I have and will always be pro-artist. Dolls, music, art and so on, because in the end the artists will in a way get hurt if I just go with the re-casts, copycats and so on. I will keep on saving money for the real thing instead of buying something for a less amount of money. It is horrible when a re-caster does this, without any respect for the legit artists.

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  4. Thank you for sharing your stance here, Nana. Since I heard this news last week, my heart has been troubled too. I am Pro-Artist, yet never felt the need to declare it, because I knew I would always purchase legit dolls, and I didn’t think it was my place to lecture others or tell them what to do. You know? But this news is just so horrible, how can people support this recaster illegally making dolls, and now claiming their name and brand too? I guess it just shows that even if something is technically legal, that doesn’t make it right. 😦

    Again, thank you for talking about it. If there’s anything good that’s come out of this, it’s that the community is talking about it. Hopefully this is a wakeup call for those who support recast dolls. . . and hopefully there aren’t too many negative ramifications. I hope the indie artists and smaller companies are able to weather this blow.

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  5. I must admit I have pretty strong feelings about this Rachel. I’m most definitely pro artist, but not just with dolls. I am anti piracy of any kind, and I only ever buy my music and movies from legit sources as well.

    Though I must admit, I am not too worried about the TM situation, as there are laws in place in countries like USA, UK and Australia that won’t allow him to TM those dolls. I don’t know about Europe as I don’t know anything about their legal systems, but I do know France is pretty strong on TM’s, you only have to look at what happened over some of their wine names !! 🙂

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  6. You know I could sworn I already replied to this. I wonder if WordPress ate my comment.

    You already know my feelings on this from my blog but I am still surprised that this kind of thing can even be done legally. I mean, if it goes through, than it makes me start to think about other hobbies, other collectibles that this can affect in the future.

    Like River, I’ve always been pro-artist but never felt like I needed to declare it because I only buy legit dolls. I already have to deal with counterfeits in my figure collecting hobby so I certainly didn’t expect to find it in my bjd hobby too. It saddens me greatly.

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