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Boxopening #11: Souldoll Ghana Spider Queen

Hello Dear friends,

long time no talk :3

I am happy to say that I am back and I feel new energy, ideas and motivation. But I will talk about everything I want to change, how I want to change, in the next post eventually next week. But to get back into my blog and this hobby I can announce a new arrival ❤

Some of you already know, that I purchased a limited edition Souldoll Junipa V. Spider Queen body with a Ghana head, last September. (Boy, what a title xD) And she came last week home to me, when I was in Italy. My lovely Boyfriend Georg handled all the shipping, tax and custom things for me. So she was able to arrive safe and sound.

Who she will be changed over the last weeks because of the story line and some new characters. She came in a SD sized box and I was scared at first, that I maybe got the wrong doll. But there is actually so much extra stuff – which I ordered and forgot about – that everything wouldn’t fit into a MSD box. Besides the doll there were the COA, some lashes I wanted, extra heel feet, a extra human big boob torso with arms and hands, a human small boob torso, some joints to hide the strings, some extra strings, extra eye putty, a gift wig, some gift eyes and the full set horns/ head piece.

The pillows are in a adorable print and really big (also SD size) and everything was packed very secure. I remember that I had to buy the extra parts to get the heel feet, but now I don’t know what to do with them… The human big boob torso will definitely stay, since it is a nice way to change her time to time to a “normal” body shape. I consider to change the joints, but she is strung so tight, I am afraid I will not get her together again like this. The horns will go to someone else, but the headpiece – I don’t know if I will have a use for it, also the wig. We will see.

But for now enjoy the pictures I took, after I got rid of all the packing materials ❤

I am still excited about her four arms, I always wanted a doll like her. Is there a kind of doll you always wanted?

I will read all the post of you guys in the following days to catch up, that also makes me really excited. And I will write about my plans in the next days!

So talk to you guys soon!! Big hugs and cheers ❤

11 thoughts on “Boxopening #11: Souldoll Ghana Spider Queen”

  1. She is beautiful and I love the bluish skin color! Congratulations! And I have always had a doll in mind, that has four legs, like a centaur. Or two, but is a faun. That would be a nice addition to my collection! 😀 Enjoy June!

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    1. Thank you deaar ❤
      i also love her color – that is the best part of her, besides her face, bust, arms (all 4 of them) and legs… I just really love her!
      A Faun… that sounds amazing… There are kind of Faunlike legs out there, but not exactly. Maybe one day someone will do them ❤


  2. Glad to hear that you are doing better Nana! And wow to this beauty! She is a stunny lady! her lips are fantastic and her mold too, but obvisouly all those arms are looking fun to play with! x3 What an interesting and charming one, I am looking forward to see her with a face up!
    Soul Doll is defientely one of those companys I want a BJD from one day. I bet there are a lot of dolls I might desire but not one comes in my mind who I say i really REALLY need her ^^ and often the most awesome dolls are limited too and suddendly appear out of the blue, right? XD
    (well Dollfie Dream Rina Ogata is one I really adore and always one I hunt down and search for XD)

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      1. You are mostly welcome dear ^^
        Ahh hehe yes maybe one day in the future! It would be at least very exciting when I think about getting a souldoll one day too!

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  3. Wow big congrats are in order. Her resin colour is amazing and I love that she comes with four arms and the horn piece is so interesting. I really love a lot of the Souldoll sculpts but I just wish their wait times weren’t so darn lengthy otherwise I would actually try and buy one of their dolls one day. I have one of their older female SD bodies and I love it to bits. It did need a bit of work done to her to get her to be a lot more stable than she was when I first got her but they are such lovely sculpts.

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    1. Thank you dear Alasse ❤ :3
      But yes the waiting times are HORRIBLE – but Souldoll decided to discontinue a lot of dolls to get back on track with their waiting times. Of course that gives me Trouble, since there is one doll on the list I really want. Maybe you should check it out right now – there is also fre shipping in August 😉


  4. Congratulations! She looks beautiful, and wow, what a poser! She looks so flexible. Is she really standing on just one foot in that last photo? And her expression is so cute, almost a little sly~
    I’m sure she’ll look amazing with your customizations!

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    1. Thank you dear River ❤
      Yes she acturlly is – it was quite a adventure to get her stand like this, but for a quick pictures she hold it pretty well. Georg was struggeling a lot, since he was so scared she would fell out of the window. He is so cute xD

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  5. Well after time out myself it was a lovely surprise to see this gorgeous doll of yours! I love the blue resin and her facial sculpt is absolutely wonderful. I can see lots of possibilities with this doll and look forward to seeing what you do with her.

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    1. Sometimes a break is all what it takes to get back all the energy and mental health… I hope you also feel better now! I have many ideas about the concept, but I will surprise you guys. She is the next doll after Marie, I will work on ❤
      Big hug x


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