New Beginning – New Structure

Hello dear friends,

I know – I know…

I was gone again – but I think I still needed some time to think and do different things. This is hopefully a new beginning for me, not only for my hobbies, but mostly for my life in general. I really want to change things and become more healthy again.

Recently I packed away almost all my dolls. I really want to focus on less, but with more concentration and motivation. After working on These dolls, I will unpack one after another and decide if I will keep them. And if the answer is yes, I will work on it. I really needed a kick in my a** to get a grip – So yes, I kicked myself hard…

Some points I will change in the future and I already began:


Some of you already realised there are no pictures in the last weeks and with one teary eye I have to say: that ADAW is not my kind of project. It put me under a lot of pressure to deliver a in my eyes good – and yes I am a perfectionist – picture of a doll or different dolls every week. Most of my dolls are projects and I always thought I had to finish all of them at once, so I could present you a different doll each week. But it should be fun and for me, to be honest, it wasn’t.

2) Social Media
I think the blog will become more of my home even than before. I decided if I make any pictures, I will upload them on IG and Flickr – but with no expectation. I am complety off forums and other plattforms, except something important is there like the whole Recast thing I will check it out.

3) Dolls
I think this is a good subject for a own post and disscussion with you guys 🙂 So more another time – but shortly: I plan one new doll and then no more for the next year or so. I still will share the WIP with you on every doll I am working on. The first will be Marielle, I am currenty working on her.

4) Blog
In the next few days the design of the blog will change, I had no time to think of a new design concept I want. There still will be random Photoshoots, Boxopening and other stuff – I really enjoy sharing some of these with you.

Personal Life

This I will just state briefly – except you guys want to hear more about it – what is changing in my personal life right now:

1) Eat healthier 
I had Icecream on Tuesday and it was great. I won’t get mad with myself if I get a treat every other 5-6 days. But since Saturday I am finally eating healthier again. It helps a lot that Georg is doing it with me.  Right now I don’t need sweets and I fell more energetic.

2) Be more active
I get to work by bike – finally again. And I only go by car, if the weather is really really bad or I have to transport something. Also Georg and I will do some bigger bike adventures on the weekend

3) Change my work place
I will look for a new job somewhere completely else. I can say, since nobody of my work will read it anyways. But it is enough, I want and I need a change. Other places are not less stressful, but I feel that my capacity of energy and Motivation for this place is just done.

Healthy body and healthy mind… this is the goal!
… Wish me luck ( lol )

This post is way to long and if you read it until here: wow thank you!
But this blog is my little creative and therapeutic area, so bare with me and my long talk xD So thank you again and I hope I can read all of your post of the last months today and tomorrow…

Cheers and bye ❤

9 thoughts on “New Beginning – New Structure”

  1. Thumbs up for you! And I love the new layout of the blog! I can surely understand you with wanting change, getting healthier, feeling less pressure. I talked to my husband this morning about these issues and he looked a bit surprised when I said that sometimes I just want to sell all dolls and start all over. But distance can help too. So I have been reading and painting! Everything else I have put aside. I think your goals look and sound good. It is important to have a healthy body and mind, to even be able to function well. This summer I have eaten less stuff with sugar and more fruit. I need my salt though because it has been rather hot this summer over here in Sweden. But step by step! Support from near and dear…and the well known kick in the a** does the trick! You go, girl! *Cheering*

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    1. Thank you Niina ❤
      "that sometimes I just want to sell all dolls and start all over"
      That was exactly the feeling!!! But I am so relived right now. i got Izel (IH Lonnie) out of the box yesterday and I was so happy to see her little face. This is what I hoped for. So maybe a break isn't so bad after all 😉
      To read and paint are great ideas to get a clear head again, and maybe some Inspiration… I am cheering for you too!! And yes step by step – my father always says: Piano Piano (slowly slowly)
      x ❤


      1. I agree with your father! 🙂 Wise words!
        I have a little award for you at my blog, if you want to take it, no must.
        And thank you. ❤

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  2. Those are good plans. I will cheer you on. I hope you will figure out your hobby-problems, since I know personally how annoying it can be when you’re just not happy. 😦

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  3. It’s good to see you back on the blog. A change is always a good thing and sometimes you do need that time out from things just to do something else for a while. Any hobby should be fun for you to do so if it isn’t, whether it be social media, hobbies, blogs etc, then a change may be in order.


    1. Thank you that you are back also on my blog :3
      The Change was necessary and still is. I still stumble back to old behaviors sometimes, but everything with time. Like this I already have a little more energy – so let’s stay positive ❤


  4. It is so great to hear you are slowly comin back. And with many great plans! I really like your idea with your dolls and happy you will stay with your blog ^_^ (And oh my the new style looks super awesome, I like It’s clean look and cool color combination! Makes your pictures pop out so much. And I can understand many points from my point of view as well. Sometimes it is better to start / continue things slowly and concentrating than being overwhelmd by them or being stressed out.
    I wish you much success on the new job and keep my fingers crossed for you.

    (I’m very sorry for all the belated comments from me, I was super sick the last weeks and finally feeling better, so much to keep on doing ^^)
    Welcome Back dear nana *hugs*

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    1. Comment Wave *o* – now I know how you must have feel, when I commented on all of your posts xD
      Yureyaaa ❤ so good to read you again and thank you for the warm welcome!! ❤ *hugs
      Are you better now!?

      The design is almost what I want – there are small details I still want to change. but yes, more clean and simple. ❤


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