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OC Design #19: Marielle Verbeek – Part 1

Hello dear friends,

I stated in my last post, that my dolls are almost all currently packed away. I decided to focus on each one of them and see if I want to keep her/ him.
Whom I did not pack away was my new Souldoll Gana, I am really inspired of her and of course Marielle. For Gana I still need to buy stuff and I had no time to start. But I managed to work on Marie.

To Do:

  1. new wig – done
  2. new eyes still looking for the eyes I want (blue)
  3. new face up in process
  4. Body blushing – done
  5. Tattoos – done (for now 😉 )
  6. maybe a redo of her wardrobe

I started to whipe her face and clean her up. She was so dirty xD


Then I did the hair. Funny Story:

There was a time had really short hair and at one point I thought I would buy some Extensions. I never used them xD
But! They are human hair, soft and not so bad quality. So I bought black hair dye – since the hair color was a dark brown and Marie has black hair – dyed the hair black and used it to make a wig. At first I thought this is way too much hair, then I hoped it will be enough and in the end it was just the right amount of hair to use!

She looks so beautiful with this hair and I just love to brush my fingers through it. Then I went on a trip with Georg to friends in Cologne and a sightseeing trip to Amsterdam. So everything went on hold again.

But on Sunday I was finally able to start on her face and body. The face I failed, like always the first try. But I am happy with the body. She got skin texture all over her body, Tattoos and purple nails. There are things I will redo in a year to two, but for now: no I am fine xD

Body blushing is a pain, but worth the effort. Meekydolls on Instagram helped me a lot through messaging and a good talk. She was one of the friends I visited in Cologne. If you maybe remember she was also on the last Munich meet up – she is a Sweetheart.

Anyways… This is the finished body in all his glory. I really need to finish the head now, since on Saturday we will meet in a small circle with dolls. And I really want to show her then…

So I will keep you updated and show you of course the results!

How are your projects going?
Big hugs and good to be back! ❤

8 thoughts on “OC Design #19: Marielle Verbeek – Part 1”

  1. It looks amazing. I felt totally inspired to do face-ups and bodyblushings my self, after seeing this. It’s a thing I have wanted to try again for a while, but every time I see someone doing it, I get even more inspired 😀 Good job on the tattoos. It looks very good.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh thaaank you ^3^
      I am happy I gave you some inspiration… Now I am excited what you did. It is really fun doing it yourself. I doesn’t look like a professional one, but I am happy :3


  2. Really great work on the body and tattoos. I also love the way you made her wig. She is looking like she is coming together nicely. Wish I could do tattoos on my dolls. I will try with something small like Monster High dolls first though!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you :3
      It is really fun to make – I already know how I would do it differently next time, but for now she will stay like this!!


  3. Oh my, you did amazing! *___* I looove the body blushing a lot! The tattoos turned out super cool, I love the style of them. If I would have some I guess in some unique motives in that kind of style / direction ^^. Anyways The texture looks super realistic. How cool that you were able to re-use the extensions for her wig. It also turned out super pretty. I totally admire the work you did so far! ^__^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank youu ❤ This makes me really happy you like her!!
      And yes the Tattoos are very Wiccan – I would love to have Tattoos in this style, but then I am like: nah maybe not. But like you said: if, this would be my aestethic too!


  4. She is looking good! Wonderful tattoos – probably needed a lot of patience and a stable hand when painting the ones on her back. Mine would have looked like a crooked road. 😀 I hope that you are able to have her along at the doll meet!


  5. Beautiful job! ❤️ The body blushing makes her look so alive. You’re right, it’s worth it!
    The tattoos are so intricate. They must have taken a long time! I especially like the butterfly (moth?) on her ribs, it is a lovely artwork~ ❤️
    The wig is so nice! Love how you styled her bangs! ❤️
    Here, have all the hearts: ❤️❤️❤️ XD


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