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OC Design #20: Marielle Verbeek – Part 2

Hello Hello Hello 🙂

I already showed you Maries new body blushing here, but like I said the face up turned out awful. So I had to redo it again. Yesterday was a little get together with some local BJD friends, so I decided to do Maries and Izel new face. Izel is currently with Roterwolkenvogel, so I am able to show her to you guys when she is back. I forgot to take pictures xD

To Do:

  1. new wig – done
  2. new eyes still looking for the eyes I want (blue)
  3. new face up – done
  4. Body blushing – done
  5. Tattoos – done (for now 😉 )
  6. maybe a redo of her wardrobe

Anyways: Marie has a new face – I took only a few WIP pictures. The second one is right before the gloss.

And here she is in her new glory!! I love doing skin texture, it is so fun. She is finally like I really want her to look like. She also wears one of the shirts I found in Amsterdam – so cool ❤

Marie 2018 _ 01 Marie 2018 _ 02
Marie 2018 _ 03 Marie 2018 _ 04

So thank you for your time and see you soon for the next doll I want to get finished… most likely Izel, or if I will continue on some else until she is home :3

Are you working on someone?
Hiow is it going so far?

cheers and bye ❤

4 thoughts on “OC Design #20: Marielle Verbeek – Part 2”

  1. Like the result a lot! Marie looks wonderful, it is great to see her all together again ^_^ Thanks for sharing all the new progress you are doing! I really enjoy it!


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