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Hobby Talk #13: Skater-Chick And Rollergirl

I bought something… three things to be exact :3


I am so happy with them – they are so darn cute and fun to play with!! I bought them at SK Dollhouse on etsy – one for Azone and two for Yosd.

Let’s see how they look like:


They came in a cute package and they are a special edition version. They have a little heart on the side and look so cute. They fit perfect each Azone I have, but sadly the wheels don’t turn – but they don’t have to, don’t they? 😉
Miku already put them on and won’t let her sisters have a turn… silly girl!

These Boots Are Made For Rolling 01 These Boots Are Made For Rolling 02


I bought two pairs, because there is my second Zombie girl on her way. I thought it would be a fun way to pose them together. They also came in the cute packaging with a little bag. This time also with some cute socks! But those skates :O One pair is cream colored, the other one has a nice minty greenish blue I guess. Izel tried the cream ones out and she thinks they are great!

These Boots Are Made For Rolling 03 These Boots Are Made For Rolling 04

So thank you for reading and a lovely Monday :3
bye bye ❤

12 thoughts on “Hobby Talk #13: Skater-Chick And Rollergirl”

  1. What awesome skates. I didn’t know those sorts of things were available. And of course, they look super adorable on your dolls!


  2. Those skates are so cute! Miku looks like she’s having fun. XD
    The cream skates look great on Izel too, it will be fun to see her skating with her friend~

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank youu <3<3
      And I am glad they are dolls, the thought I woud have to run after them is already exhausting xD – I really want to do the couple shoot of the girls, but first Izel has to come back home and Ana has to be painted…

      Liked by 1 person

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