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Doll Commission #2: Rosamonds Clothes

Hello again 🙂

This is already some time ago (May 2018), since I made this little commission for Borbs aka Roterwolkenvogl. She bought an antique doll clothes set for her character Rosamond. She is on a SummbirdBJD Viola Body, the same as Nettie  but in light skin and the clothes needed some alteration. So she asked me if I could help her out, since I have the same body at home. It took me only 2 or 2,5 hours in total to meassure, decompose and rearrange the clothes. So it was a really a small, but fun  project – AND I still want to show you guys here, what I did…

So this is Rosamond and I met her on the last summer meet up on her Viola Body – Isn’t she just a gorgeous old hag!!


So the set Bird bought was really cute. There was a bright red skirt, a cute traditional blousse, a amazing vest and a apron. For me it looked very Russian, what fits to the Babushka vibes Rosamond has.

First I fit the blousse and cut quite some fabric out. I also reattached the lace on the neck and sew some buttons on. The skirt was way to big, so I reassembled the folds, made from the rest of the fabric a waistband and added a button to hold everything in position. The apron needed just a button and the vest was easy too. I just took some of the waist/ shoulders in and it fit perfectly.

What I really like about this set is that she can use it very mixed and could just leave some parts of it be. Like this:

Of course I had to take a pictures of her with some accesoires from Taru and Zarik. Since this was before Netties own wig, she also used Agashs hair and it looked quite nice on her 😉

But like I said, this is already some time ago – you can visit Birds Flickr to see Rosamond in her new clothes and the other amazing dolls she has.

So thank you for your time!
Hope you enjoyed the belated news xD
hugs and cheers <3</

9 thoughts on “Doll Commission #2: Rosamonds Clothes”

    1. Thank you!! ❤ And she better not hear that – she is already big-headed enough lol but you are right, she can wear a trash bag and would look fabulous…

      Liked by 1 person

  1. What a gorgeous outfit. I really love the design, fabric and colours. Embroidery work is stunning. Makes me wish I could sew clothing for my own dolls! I need way more practice though to make anything half decent!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you Alasse ❤
      And yes the set is amazing – To sew for dolls is really fun, you should try it again! And it feels really good to see other people dolls with Thing you made or altered xD


  2. So cool you were able to make this Great outfit suit so well on these Body Types! You really have such a nice talent ^-^ Nettie looks so different with these clothes but still so cute ❤


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