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Chewbacca FF Photostory (Part 1)


The Journey Of Chewbacca 01
The air smelled sour with a hint of dead rat. His nose wiggled uncomfortable and a little cough came out of his mouth. His brown fur rose when a sudden wind blew through the dessert. Chewbacca shook himself and goosebumps crawled over his back. he loaded his bow to be ready, if something decided to crawl out of somewhere or something. He was still not sure why he was here and what he could expect from a planet with only rocks, sand and dead trees. He sighed and gave his airship a last gloomy look before he contiued the way down.

The Journey Of Chewbacca 02

He climbed down the riff, where he landed the small ship he travelled to this deserted planet. His weapon always ready to shoot he slowly made his way mor down on the surface of this planet. It was quite bothersome and slippery to slide down the sandy earth. Sand also found ist way between his toes, a nice feeling normally, but this sand was different. Hard and uncomfortalbe. Almost spikey.
He didn’t like the whole Situation, but what could he do? A little stone pinched him in his bare feet and grawled. He didn’t like it at all.

The Journey Of Chewbacca 03

He glanced over the desert and his forhead wrinkeled in thoughts. Where is it? He asked himself and a growl slipped out of his mouth. He had no clue where to go. His Navigation system said it should be here, but there was no sign of anything different than endless yellowness.
Beside him stood a big old and very dead tree. The bark had a unhealthy grayish brown color and it didn’t seem very sturdy. Chewie looked at one of the big branches and shrugged. So what, he thought and began to climb.

The Journey Of Chewbacca 04

The view was still not overwhelming, but better  than at the ground. He looked around and tried to make out patterns or hints. Something was moving in the far distance, somthing big. Chewbacca was sure he should better not engage with this Thing. What ever it was. He climbed back on the branches and contiued to get higher. He climbed from one tree to another, until he finally reached a big plattform. A little path started at on the other end and Chewie decided to follow it for a while.

The Journey Of Chewbacca 05

Something was clicking behind him, not the kind of sound any animal he ever heard would do, but more mechanical. Her turned around, his bow ready to shoot and his eyes became narrow. “Grrrr”, he said.
His nose and ears tried to make out any sound or smell, but nothing. The clicking was gone. Chewie stood there for quite some time, to make sure it wouldn’t come back and eventually contiued the little path. The bow still ready, always with a sceptical look around his shoulder. He didn’t like it here.

The Journey Of Chewbacca 06

The path became quite hard and troublesome. Quite often Chewie got a little branch between toes, hands and in his face. Or sand stuck everywhere, sticky and smelly. He was now really annoyed and frustrated sound came out of his mouth. And there it was again, the cklicking and ticking.
This time he was sure it was not behind him, or even near. Chewie, still annoyed and angry, had enough. Whatever this was, he was not afraid. He breathed in and made one loud yell over the dessert. And everything seemed like it stopped.

The Journey Of Chewbacca 07

Then he saw it, glittering in the hot sun and the black Orbit on his back. The reason he was here. Why this whole mission was so important.
The beast from before crawling though the sand, scartching and holowing. It was on his way to him and now he also knew what the sound was he heard before. It came nearer and nearer, still with pure rage. But Chewie was sure what he had to do.
Why, he thought, why him?! The beast came up the tree trunk he was Standing on, his mouth was wide open and about to attack him. Chewie shuddered and prayed to all the gods and spirits he knew.
And than he jumped.

-To Be Continued-

I would love to hear your opinion on this little story!
Also yes I did not Show the “beast” – I firstly took the pictures and then wrote the story.
For the next time I make sure to find a proper beast! xD
Thank you for your time 🙂
Chewie and I will be back!

Disclaimer: Star wars or Chewbacca do not belong to me – they are the property of Lucas Film and Disney. I only like to write some FFs – story  facts can differ from the original, since I am no expert. I write for fun!

5 thoughts on “Chewbacca FF Photostory (Part 1)”

  1. I can almost hear Chewbacca saying something like brrwhhhaargh while walking in this strange environment. I hope that he does not meet any surprises, because those can suddenly just appear! Lovely story, look forward to the next one! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you dear Niina! I am really happy you like it. It was really fun to take these pictures of him and write the story. Now I really want to continue…


  2. Poor Chewie, being stalked by some kind of Beast. How frightening – but I am sure that our stout-hearted Wookie will be fine~

    I enjoyed this story, can’t wait for the next update! ❤
    (Now I want to play Lego Star Wars – maybe I'll do that while I wait 😛 )

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Your description of the sounds and smells are very realistic, I felt like I was there and love the “hint of dead rat” part :-D. I hope the beast will be defeated! The photos are really great, where did you find such a perfect spot?


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