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Boxopening #12: Souldoll Sweeter Lilly And Sevi

Last Wednesday I looked up my Souldoll order from January 2018. Since I know Souldoll is a great company, but do not really send out shipping notices, I occasionally look up the status of my order. And this time it showed me “on shipping”.
I it is weird I still was surprised, I sometimes forget how long I am already waiting for my order. But the biggest surprise was after tracking: The package was already at custom in Munich and the next day I had the letter to pick them up!

(pictures belong to Souldoll – also they will be both discontinued in September 2018, so hurry if you decide to want them!!)

I already unpacked them, but I still want to show you some (sorry very dark) pictures. I ordered a Souldoll Sweeter Lilly full doll and a Sevi head. They will share the body for now – even though I consider to buy one of them another body in the future.
I also bought some purple eyes and red shoes. Since it took Souldoll alomst 8 months they also provided two gifts: a cute Sweeter clothes set and black shoes. SO CUTE!! ❤ But on to the pictures.

I really like the Sweeter body a lot.

It has some great ways to lock the body parts in place, also it is so cute and little. The heads are beautiful made and they look very different, what I found great if you can really differ the different characters. Also what I really like is that the hands are quite lean and not just chubby chunks of resin. Beautifully made.

But who are they?

Souldoll Sevi will be Mini-Marielle. I am really inspired by the idea to have a child version of her here. She had some troubled childhood since she was able to see the other world very early on. And I thought Sevi would fit quite well. Her inspiration for her concept is Wednesday of the Addams Family. Moody and weird xD

I already ordered her a wig, which will hopefully be here in the beginning of September. The set which came with the order is fine for now, but she will get some really frilly girl dresses – she already hates it lol.

Souldoll Lilly will be Anastasia – short Ana. Or more like: she already is. She is also currently the one possessing the body, she is really bossy xD She is one of Brigittes Zombie girls and Izels adopted sister. She is s little Tomboy, a wild child and loyal to her new/old family. She was originally blond, but she wanted to be a ginger like her “mother” – okay now I just have to rewrite a whole story, but you get your way… She also got the purple eyes, since all Zombies have purple eyes. She will be inspired by Pippi Longstockings.

I am already in love with them!!

Especially with their size and cuteness. I really want to start on their faces soon, even though it will put back all the other that are waiting in their boxes for their turn. But you will all get your turn! Promised xD

So thank you for your time!
And sorry for the crappy pictures, I had no time to do them again properly! But soon :3
cheers and hugs xx

6 thoughts on “Boxopening #12: Souldoll Sweeter Lilly And Sevi”

  1. Congratulations! It’s great that they were already so close by and you could have them the next day :-). Such cute faces, I can’t wait to see their look develop in your hands :-). The inspirations for these cuties are great, Wednesday and Pippi!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you ❤ Yes they are adorable!! i really want to start on them this Weekend! (hopefully) And Pippi is one of my childhood favorites :3


  2. Congratulations! Both are so adorable and I do like your two inspirations. I have followed the old series of Addams Family and Pippi Långstrump (in Swedish) has been a company during the evenings when the kids were smaller and wanted to hear bedtime stories. Have seen the movies too. I look forward to seeing them, all done and ready to play! Well, maybe not Mini-Marielle – but who knows!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you Niina! I am so happy that my two Inspiration imediately Show their characters to you guys… Maybe Marielle is way less creepy than Wednesday, but she is odd nontheless. And I love Pippi Langstrumpf – like we say in German – and she is still one of my favorite (movies and book) ❤


  3. Congrats! It’s great that they made it home! *happy dance* They’re adorable, perfect for
    Mini-Marie and Ana. Poor Mini-Marie – she really must hate those frilly clothes, she even looks grumpy in the picture! Ah, she looks cute though. (Should I be happy that she looks so cute or feel sorry that she’s forced to wear clothes she hates? Hmm. . . .)

    Ana has a strong personality, hm? And people say that writers can make their characters do what they want. Little do they know how much of writing is the characters asserting what’s really going to happen. . . haha! She’s already evoking a Pippi vibe with her messy red hair!

    I’m looking forward to seeing how they look when you’ve painted them! I’m sure you’ll work your magic again and they’ll look amazing! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow River thank you for all those comments xD <3<3
      I always love to hear your opinion and feedback!!

      I am also feeling a little bad to put her in all of those girly dresses… lol but she will look so darn cute!!
      Yes Ana is quite the Boss right now xD I already wrote her headstrong, but she still surprises me. I think her background story is the only one that is kind of finished written. Maybe I am able to translate, so I can Show you guys for Feedback. (it is sad – she dies – no spoiler since she is a Zombie girl xD)

      Liked by 1 person

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