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DoA Anniversary 2018 Photography Contest

I managed to take part in the DoA Anniversary Bare Minium Contest – see here.

I really liked the theme and I immediately got an inspiration what I could do. Of course I did not win, but that is fine since I had a lot of fun shooting and editing.

Main Rule

Any doll shown in your photo must be nude. They may have (but are not required to have) a face-up, body blushing, tattoos and /or non removable piercings, eyes and a wig, but they may not be adorned with any other items such as drapery, clothing, shoes, spectacles, removable jewelry or other accessories worn on the body


Since Marielle got her whole body blushed I really loved the idea to show her new naked glory. I was really inspired by Hamlet written by Shakespeare. To be exact of Ophelia.
Ophelia dies a tragic death in the book by drowning, but she became some kind of deathly Beauty inspiration for different artist. For Example “Ophelia” by John Everett Millais. I really wanted to do something similar and made some quick concept art based on the painting. 




I got everything I had at home to create a little scene on our roof terrace. Some big gems and crystals, flowers and grass, cups to hold everything afloat…
Everything put together in a big pink box and there it was…my little water scene. I really liked how it looked and I hoped in the pictures you were not able to see the green foil or the pink box. Gladly it worked really well and I was able to shoot quite some pictures and got in the end 6 I really liked.


And here they are – the 6 I really liked. The first one is the one I decided to use for the contest and I really love the all pictures.

Ophelia_01 Ophelia_02

Ophelia_03 Ophelia_04

Ophelia_05 Ophelia_06


Now I think I would use another one of the bunch. But in the end it doesn’t matter anymore. I really like the concept and I am proud that I did the whole preparation. Sadly I can not keep the scene, but I really loved the whole set up.

Which one is your favorite? What was the greatest effort you put into a photography project? I would love to know…

I hope you liked what I did there πŸ˜‰
Like I said it was really fun to make…
Until then thank you and cheers ❀

2 thoughts on “DoA Anniversary 2018 Photography Contest”

  1. Beautiful photos, they are very dreamy and artistic. I like the one you chose for the contest very much, and my second favourite is the close-up (4th photo). I also think you chose the right doll! Good luck :-)!


  2. Those pictures and the preparations, amazing work!
    My first favourite is the 4th photo, the close up. But I like the last one too.


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