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Agash The Hangman

Agash is rotting in the forest of the soul trees.

If you are very quiet you can hear her breath…







Agash The Hangman_01
Agash The Hangman_02Agash The Hangman_03Agash The Hangman_04 Agash The Hangman_05 Agash The Hangman_06

Agash is the Daeva of the evil eye. She is also the Hangman of Ahriman, King of the Daeva and Demons – or more fallen King. She is the one for the dirty work, like torture and information gathering. A Hitman.
After the war she was torn apart and is still laying where she was left. Not dead but not alive. Her eyes shut forever… hopefully.
Agash is rotting in the forest of the soul trees. If you are very quiet you can hear her breath…

My favorite little gore Princess with some new flowers in her hair. Eventually I will dress her in her full outfit, but right now I really like her naked glory… Georg don’t really like her xD or more like he is really scared of her body part… lol poor Georg (not)

Do you have scary dolls?

so see you soon and byebye xx

8 thoughts on “Agash The Hangman”

  1. Awesome character! I like evil dolls lol! Is she the doll with the spine hanging down, or what is her scary body part? I can’t remember which company it was that made it. The photo shoot is beautiful.
    My most scary dolls are my Little Apple Dolls. I love them :-).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you ❤
      Yes she is – she basically Ends after her torso with he spine.
      I really want to blush it a bit scarier though – it is very pink xD


  2. I find her character and story very fascinating! beautiful captures my dear Nana! ❤ They are so pretty yet melancholic, very suiting. Ah I enjoy seeing your Dolls ^-^

    Not scary in general, but I remember very early on that one of my dolls scared the heck out of me XD It was when Mayoi just recently arrived. And I but a big black Dress on her and sat her down on the shelf. When entering the room I thought there was an animal or what on on the shelf, but it was just Mayoi being cute haha XD ^^ But I adore creepy dolls and styles ❤

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    1. Thank you Yureya ❤ ❤
      That sounds just like me xD I got recently scared of Taru und Zarik. Both where standing headles in the corner and they startled me so bad xD
      Georg just looked at me like I was insane… "That are yours" was all he said lol


  3. This is a different little personality, and I like it! ❤ A bit frightening is good in life, one can not only depend on sugary sweet cuteness. And yet I am sitting with just that. 😀 Need some scary dolls, some darkness…

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    1. YES scary dolls !!! They are awesome – also very inspirational. Like there are actors who loves to Play the bad guy, you can do things you would never do or want to do. It is so fun to write or think about them – but I am still happy they are not real xD


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