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Hobby Talk #14: Incoming October Madness

So I am still not sure if this is a good or a very, very, very, very bad idea! #givememadness #Iaskedforit #yolo … xD

I will try to accomplish three different projects in October – two draw challenges and the plotting for NaNoWriMo… Also I will be on holidays the first two weeks of October. We will be on the road a lot, so I thought it would be a nice idea to pass time in the car.



I really want to do the original Inktober this year. Last year I did InkotberxWitches (see here and here) – this was fun, but I think I need something else this time.
I decided to draw something related to my story “Veve”. It can be a object, a place or an animal, but no humans/ maximal parts of humans like a hand. Each Picture should not take longer than 30 Minutes – maximum 40 Minutes and I will use my black Ink Markers.




The prompts look so darn stupid and fun!! I mean “Return of the living Bread”…. this is hilarious! I will try to draw as much as I can, but they will be just quick doodles, I want to spent not more than 10 minutes on each picture. And like I said: those prompts are so fun!!! xD




And also this fun is going to starts…

I really wanted to write more about Veve this year, but I failed like expected. So I will continue Veve in this year NaNo and I really I will rename the whole thing “Veve”, without any number. It is one story after all. I already know some parts and how it should continue, but some other parts are still uncertain for me and confusing.
I will need this time to sort my thoughts.

Did I said this will be FUN?! xD


And then? NaNoWriMo starts on 01.11.2018…

This.Will.Be.Fun… lol – and honestly I am so excited! If everything goes like I want I will quit my Job on 30.11.18 so I have to prepare everything to leave AND I will write 2000 words a day. But I think I need this. Pushing myself again, to do something and to write more about my little world!

I want it that way and I work last minute the beast sadly. So will try to finish the chapters I started and add as much as possible. Í am still not sure how I manage to count the words… maybe I have to copie them in an extra document… but I will figure that out eventually.

I do not expect to succed in all of the three – or four – Projects! It could be I decide to skip one or both drawing challenges. But I really want to do NaNo, so Plotober is a fixed necissity. And I really want to try!

I  will upload all of the pictures on my Flickr and my Instagram, hopefully each day or  when I am back home. There will be two more Hobby Updates the next days – one project I want to show you next week and then I will take a break from blogging from 01-10-18 until 30-11-18, to focus on all the projects!

Oh and: I am really sorry I am not active on your blogs right now! I really want to read everything, when I have finally the time in my holidays!!

So thank you for your understanding!!
hugs and cheers ❤

Edit 01.10.2018
Already skipped Drawlloween… Lol
I tried to do manage my time… But Plotobe will eat a lot of it. So I decided to skip Drawlloween. But maybe I will do it another time

6 thoughts on “Hobby Talk #14: Incoming October Madness”

  1. Oh Nana you are awsome and insane (in a good way) XD ❤ ! I adore that motivation and your excitement of these projects! Don’t go to hard on you and take care even though you cannot keep up with them all! I will definetly enjoy your drawings and now that I know already happy for many wonderful posts from you!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol that is quite true – but we are all a little mad here …
      I really hope the motivation will last through October and November… I will tell you guys all about it afterwards xD the good and the bad. ❤ hugs


  2. That’s a lot of challenges. (I. . . I think you’ve beaten me this year! XD )

    Sounds like you are excited for Inktober. Two prompts lists! The Inktober standard prompts sound perfect for VeVe, and the Drawlloween prompts are hilarious. “Someone Cloned My Clown. . . .” haha!

    And OH YEAH, Plotober is just around the corner. . . (I almost forgot. *embarrassed* So this was a good reminder.) Don’t worry about taking a break from VeVe, sometimes we need to take breaks so the story can develop. The important thing is to have fun plotting & writing! So I hope you have a lot of fun this year. (^_^)

    And you are quitting your job soon? That’s good, I hope! Can I say, Congratulations! I hope everything goes the way you want!

    Take care of yourself and have fun! And remember that it’s fine to take breaks! I’m rooting for you! (^u^)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh Ghosh I also think I will – Madness xD
      Drawlloween will be just fun – that is what I told myself lol

      PLOTOBER – how could you forget xD
      Will you and Cloud continue with Rondo?

      And I will know on friday, if I get the Job. If not I will change in another Team. We will see… thank you for rooting!! ❤ And yes breaks! Important 😉

      Big hug ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We’re all mad here! 😀
        “Just for fun” – well they are terribly funny so I’m sure it will be fun. XD

        I DON’T KNOW. It’s terrible! But you reminded me in time! XD
        Hm, yes, I do need to work more on Rondo. But Cloud is quite busy at the moment, so I might play around with some different stories. Mostly this year I want to improve my storytelling craft by all means! So I’ll be thinking & posting a lot about different plotting methods.

        Ooh, good luck! Only a few more days until you know! I hope you get it! ❤

        Hugs! ❤


  3. You go girl! ❤ Keep your focus and all will go well. I had some photo challenges on mind, but, naah. Did not happen. But there is always next month. Need to find my balance at first and breathe. 😀 I wish you good luck!


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