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Hobby Talk #15: Waiting and Selling List

I decided to share with you guys my not so secret plans. I really thought about surprising you, but I am not good at this xD

I already posted this picture on IG, but there are a few updates I want to share with you – my current waiting list and dolls I want to sell. There will be character and story updates, but that is going to be a extra post.

Waitinglist 2018/2019


(pictures do not belong to me – please visit the original
homepages: Souldoll, DollShe and Granado)

I am currently waiting for 4 dolls or doll parts.
I think in the end of 2019 everyone should be here.

These dolls are:
  • Granadodoll Lucifer 48 cm in bronze
  • DollShe Amanda Fashion 41cm in Oriental
  • Souldoll Hway Yeon Zenit 60cm in normal Skin
  • Souldoll Kuu Vampire head in normal Skin

Hwa Yeon is my Grail right now … the only SD I ever wanted since 2016. I am not sure if I can handle the size, but we will see. She is going to be discontinued like many other dolls from Souldoll, so I had to try it before I will regret it. At this moment I also saw Kuu – she is gorgeous and looks so mature. I was always looking for a sculpt for one of my Daeva, but more later. Lucifer was already ordered in January, but I don’t think he will come home this year. Dollshe Amanda I always loved and I thought she is only available in SD… now I bought a MSD sized one during the sale – I don’t expect her to be here before August or September 2019. The who is who I will talk about it in the other post. I really want to buy a Resinsoul Bao in green – but I try to buy no more until the end of 2018 – maybe I will try…   lol

Selling Dolls

I am going to sell some dolls and parts.

I thought about it a long time and I think it is finally time – on the list will be:

  • Doll Zone Big Brother Limited Doll (2016)
  • Doll Chateau Debbie head (2017)
  • Angel of Dream MSD female body (2016)
  • Doll Chateau Letitia Limited Doll (2017)

Yes I will sell my Debbie head and the AoD body – I finally decided I just don’t bond with her face or body at all. Also my Doll Chateau Letitia and my Doll Zone Big brother will go – I thought about it a long time and decided to sell them.  Why I tell you in the next update. Sales will be up when I am back, her on the blog, but I will post them on Instagram and DoA/ dollicted as well.

So that’s it for now! I know some information are missing, but the whole character update is a long post so I decided to split them.

So stay tuned and see you next time 🙂
Cheers and bye bye

6 thoughts on “Hobby Talk #15: Waiting and Selling List”

  1. I am very eager and excited to see all the new dolls and how you will make them look! (And so for the stories *___* ! Oh I hope you will also like the SD size and also hopefully they won’t take tooo long to get to you! 🙂 Sending a hug out to you! Looking forward to hear more!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are? >////< ❤
      I am sometimes not sure how interesting this is – especially stories.
      But that makes me really happy – thank you so much dear Yureya ❤


  2. Exciting news! It is great that you are able to bring home Hwa Yeon before she is discontinued, and like Yureya said, I am excited to see how they will look once they are home. I am sure they will be beautiful & handsome girls and boys!!
    Looking forward to hearing about their characters!
    Big hugs! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hey, just make your blog the way you want it! This is your place, after all – we’re your guests here. 😀
        (Though I will say I enjoyed reading the profiles. ^_^)


  3. I can surely understand that Souldoll Hway Yeon Zenit is a grail doll. My eyes saw her and my brain just got filled with hearts! That is one beauty! Looking forward to meeting her and the others too!


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