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Hobby Talk #16: Character And Story Updates

To be honest sometimes I am not sure how interesting my Characters or story are… Or I am just uncertain since you guys here are the only one I tell it to.

I mostly never tell or show character backgrounds or story things besides on the blog. And to be honest nobody asks me – or should they? Anyways, maybe you noticed  I removed the profiles on the blog. The blog was always very full and I will try to keep it more simple, so I can focus on certain things.

My question – before I start on the updates – are they missing? Do you think I should include profiles of dolls that are at home OR the whole story character profiles OR nothing here on the blog?

Story Updates

Anyway: let’s begin with the story itself, even though I am still not sure how interesting this is lol – I added and deleted two races in the whole story.
Natural Spirits

I decided to eliminate the natural spirits completely. they don’t fit to be a part of the story anymore. I thought long about it and it was not a easy decision. I am not happy with the dolls and the characters. They give me no inspiration or story flow. I think they will be natural beings at one point, but more ghostly and not physical like the Spirits right now.
So I have to change the story line for Taru/Zarik too. They originally stranded with the Spirits, but I think they will now join a moving Carneval or something like that – Humans… that will be fun (not). I am still not sure, but it feels better this way. That is also the reason Letitia and Big Brother are going to be sold.


This is something new and exciting. Since in Veve everything is true in one way or another, there are all kind of Demons, Daevas, Evil Spirits, Ghosts and other supernatural beeings – so why not Gods?
Four Gods will have a important role in the story: Fanus (read below), Ganesha, Kali and Bastet. I hit a wall in my story brainstorming how certain events can continue. I still remember that I sat at work and my former colleague had a big Ganesha picture above her desk. I was looking at this god I always thought he is so interesting and unique… And then it struck me!
Ganesha you could help! Literally help me!
And the gods were added – lol.

Character Updates

Like I said these changes also meant some changes with my characters. Also I wanted to explain who certain new dolls, or dolls I ordered are or going to be. I already talked about my current Waiting and Sells list here.


Faunus – he will stay. He is my mascot, my trademark of sorts – and I just love him to bits. At first I thought I will turn him into a little forest Demon, but then I remembered who he was based on in the first place: The roman God of the Forest Faunus. So he will be what he used to be –  a God. Since all my Gods exist in a sort of human form, I really want him in two Version. His more natural, little, chubby Branch Version and as a Young and very green boy. I want to mod a Resinsoul Bao to match his small version – and it is very handy that Resinsoul has this beautiful green skin color (don’t be fooled by their ugly promotion pictures!). Faunus will not be a Satyr, so there is no need for hoofs, that is very fortunate xD

Brigitte… She was my Hybrid (Debbie/Aod), but I finally decided to reshell her. I know I already talked about my problems with her and I got great advices from you guys, still it doesn’t work. After I packed all of my dolls away and unpacked all dolls after some time,  I finally was able to think a little clearer. I also considered that she maybe become someone else, but I just don’t feel it. Brigitte will be “reborn” as Dollshe Amanda and I hope this will be the right choice.

Tie Jean – Granado Lucifer will be, It think, the Loa Tie Jean and Netties husband. I thought at first to shell him as Sam, Brigittes husband, but Nettie will have her husband. He is also the person who raises the girls (IH Lonnie/ Izel and Souldoll Lilly/ Ana). So I am happy to do some cute family pictures of the whole bunch next year or so!

Aka Manah – Souldoll Kuu will be Aka Manah, I finally found a mature head for her!! For those of you who read the blog a longer time know my character group the Daeva. My evil Demon group of 7 or 8 if you count the King himself  – I have 5 of them at home and I really want to shell them all. Originally my Souldoll Spider Queen would have been Aka – but she decided to be someone else. So I was looking for another sculpt for a long time. I think Kuu will fit the character pretty well and she will get the big horns I still have. Also I plan a BIG hybrid and Diy project with her… but that will be a whole other story xD

Kali – Like I said there are now Gods. Kali and the others will play a huge role for the story. Of course Kali will be my four armed Souldoll Spider Queen, who is already here. I really need to work on her, but at least I ordered her some Sari fabric. She will get a real Kali inspired look (body and clothes) and some casual clothes. The humans never realize that she has four arms, their luck… Also I would love to shell her peers in crime Bastet and Ganesha – we will see. If you are interested I would love to tell you more about those three: They basically all work in a night club. Ganesha is the owner, Kali a bartender and Bastet a Gogo-Girl dancing for the crowd… a very short form.

Anastasia – I already talked about her in the latest Boxopening, where she and Mini-Marielle came in. I don’t think I have to explain Mini-Marie, she is the child version – the end. lol
But Ana is someone quite interesting. Brigitte and her husband Samedi were able to create 4 known Zombie-Humans in history from around the world: Izel, Anastasia, Benedict and someone we don’t talk about – the dark one. Izel and Ana live with Tie Jean, since Sam died, Benedict is on the hunt for something Brigitte needs. Ana is Russian and died in 1570 in a attack of Ivan the Terrible. It is a very tragic story and one of the few I finished the first draft! And yes, I made myself cry xD

I updated my Doll List – Home, Waiting and Wishing – which you can look up here, there are many dolls fallen of the list and other ones added. But all in all it got shorter (not only since I bought a lot of them) and that is a little relieve.

So I am excited to hear your opinions – also on the whole profile yes or no thing…
Thank you in advance! Cheers and hugs 🙂

2 thoughts on “Hobby Talk #16: Character And Story Updates”

  1. The real question is, why do I suck at seeing new post or missing posts in between! XD Haha So sorry seriously now: So I think maybe noone ask besides (maybe on the blog) about the backstories of your dolls and characters is probably the flood of pictures and information all around the social media platforms. – Ich kann mir vorstellen das viele oft nur Zeit zum “liken” haben (ohne jetzt über irgendwen negativ zu reden aoder abwertend zu sein!). Aber das hat ja nichts damit zu tun “wie interessant deine Charaktere sind”! 🙂
    Meiner Meinung finde ich das sich so eine schöne Bibliothek über Dolls/ Charactere schon lohnen würde, wenn nicht für jemand anderen dann schonmal alleine für einen selber! (Zumind hab ich das ja auch in meinen Blog eingebaut XD und psst gerade so ein Schussel wie ich freut doch umsomehr wenn man nochmal was nachlesen kann ^^)

    Das sind ja jede Menge neuer Ideen! Ich bin schon sehr gespannt was du aus den ganzen Neuankömmlingen und ausstehenden Puppen machen wirst *__*


  2. Sometimes, when reading about a doll here or anywhere else, as a new visitor, it can be helpful to have a page and catch up a bit on the characters. We all know our own dolls (even if I sometimes just forget their names, gosh) it can be fun to read about others and the thoughts around the dolls. And even maybe get inspired.
    At the moment I am re-modelling some of the infopages I have, just to get somekind of order on the blog (or maybe in my brain)…
    But as a reader one can always ask. I am not so good at that… 😀


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