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Diorama #1: Mystical Woods

So I crafted something in the last days and I am so excited to Show it to you guys.

Most of you know, that Georg and I live in a very small space. I mentioned it quite some time here and there. We are currently looking for a bigger apartment, but it is horrible in Munich to get one. That is also the reason I don’t really have a nice display area for my dolls, they stand all on a small table besides our bed (and no Georg has no problem with that – he is so great!). I would love to have a nicer area for them or have a Diorama in 1/4. But that is not possible right now.

ANYWAYS: I am able to fit two little Dioramas in the flat, since I cleared my closet and I was able to store almost all the doll boxes now in one part of it. So I decided that Faunus get a own Diorama – and Beelzebub and little Ahriman get one as well.

I started with Faunus and I wanted to make him a little mystical forest opening, with some fairy lights and real wood and moss. So that is all I bought:

    • Fairy lights with little stars
    • Moss from the craft shop
    • Chopped wood branches from the craft shop
    • Wallpaper Paste from the craftshop
    • some cute pumpkins – but not for this Project xD


Everything else I had at home!!


I started with some glue and moss – I decided to finish Faunus, he needed some moss himself. So I glued some of the green on his branch and body. Of course I used glue I can easily remove with water. He looks so cute now and feels finished!

The Base

I firstly glued the wood cuts together, so they seem like little trees. I really liked the chopped visual, the forest should look a little wierd and mystic. In the end I had four trees I could use and drape around Faunus.

I marked down where he should sit and where the tress will be, after that I draw the shape I wanted. After I refined everything and made it symetrical, I cut the basic shape of the Diorama out, glued it on cardboar to make it more stable and added a cardboard trim, as base for the stones.

Paper Mache

I made my Paper Mache with toilet paper, wood glue and Wallpaper Paste. (I used this tutorial as help) After I prepared the mass I decided how the Stones should look like and began to stick them to the cardboard.

Since they are stones, the surface had not have to be smooth or refined. It could be the mess it was, that was really great! 

Color and Final Touch

I painted the ground green, so when the moss would be on top, the cardboard wasn’t shining through. I painted the stones in different shades of grey – but not 50… *badam tsss…sorry 😀
After everything was dry, I glued on the tress where I wanted them to be, glued down the moss on the ground and added also some moss on the trees.

After adding the fairy lights and some little chrystals the Diorama was finished!!

All in all it took me about 4 days to make it after work, since everything had to dry in between. I will show you the whole glory in a little photoshooting I want to do tommorrow or the day after tomorrow – but before my break! And this post is already very long.

I am excited to hear your opinions!!
Did you guys ever build a Diorama?
What was you favorite?
Or do you plan to build one?
So see you in a few days! Until then bye bye and a big hug!! ❤

4 thoughts on “Diorama #1: Mystical Woods”

  1. Oh my I totally love the result and how Faunus looks right there *__* Very well done! Hehe. Yes Building Dioramas is fun, at least what I did for my Nendoroids (only scrathing on the surface) and I hope I can maybe make some for my dolls too ^^. Thanks for sharing this wonderful idea and process!


  2. Beautiful work, it is a lovely little space for Faunus! It is simple yet still has a mystic vibe. I bet it looks wonderful when the fairy lights are lit. Looking forward to seeing the photoshoot!


  3. Hi Rachael!
    Looking good!! I really like what you have done with little Faunus, it’s a perfect diorama and I am so looking forward to seeing your photoshoot. I have done a couple of dioramas, but not for a long time. I would like to do more because they are so much fun to build, but all these creative things take up so much space and even though I have a house with a special doll room, I still have a problem fitting things in.
    Big hugs,


  4. Love it! Such a beautiful place for Faunus and with so simple steps and using not so much (less is more) props either! Inspiring!
    As I live in a small place too and we are four in our family, I do need some space. But we do not have that. These little things like a diorama could be the answer!
    Nice work! ❤


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