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Update 21-01-19


Hello There :3

I thought I would do a little update – nothing fancy – nothing big announced or anything. Just some thoughts I want to share.

Basically the profile page is up and running again.
And the systematic is like this:
  • Profile page in the menu with basic information about each story and/or race
  • Picture of each doll with a link to their Profile
  • Profile post – these will come over the next few days and weeks

In the profile post you will find pictures, a brief introduction and all informations about the doll (company, face up and so on). I want to upload all profiles as soon as possible, so expect some spam the next days – lol. There will be profiles for each and every doll, even when they have no face up or clothes or anything else missing.

Rena is already finished, the next will be Marielle, Lillith and Pandora (wait – what are those names? 😉 ) The plan is to update them regularly and link the profile section, so it won’t get lost. Some will need pictures, but that is a good opportunity to do some without any pressure of anykind (like with ADAW).

Some other updates

I thought long and hard about ADAW, NaNoWriMo, Inktober, this hobby and all the other things I did in the past. And I made three conclusion about myself:

I am not the type for competitions…

This year will be almost no competitions for me. That don’t mean I would never do them again, but I have to select very carefully what I do and what not. My energy level is very low and I get mentaly exhausted very easily. That is partially my own fault. I tend to eat up my feelings, I get worried over nothing, I do no sport and I should eat healthier than I do. These are things I need to work on. I think about doing NaNoWriMo this year, since I skipped 2018 because I was in the middle of a job change. But this year could work out and that’s it. 

I am a horder…

I try to get more organized and declutter all the sh*t I have, not only mentally, but mostly real stuff. I already told you about my whole Declutter theme for 2019 and I already began with little things. I was able to reduce my clothes, so there was more space in my closet for other things, like bed sheets and so on. But there will be more with time. That is very important for me, to have time to do those things, not to stress out and not to get disappointed with myself, when I can’t do it all at once.

I am a lazy prick… lol

But honestly… that is not funny. Maybe a little bit.
Anyways like I said I need to think about my health more – my right knee hurts a lot these days, today my back hurts and I really have to loose weight – BUT this is not the place to go into detail about weight loss. I will work on that anyhow!

So… I going to finish up my three profiles and then we have alread four of twenty two up… wtf, when did they become so many??? Okay, but off I am.
See you soon! Cheers and hugs xx


2 thoughts on “Update 21-01-19”

  1. High five! For what, you may wonder?! To sitting in the same boat. 😀 I should do a lot of things – eat healthier, visit my doctor when he thinks I should, not put off things that I should do, not get things that do not fit here at home, go out for a walk and do the things that give me good vibes only. Do I do that? Nope. But I try and that is a good start and so is acknowledging it too! One thing and one step at a time! That way you, Nana, will move forward. Calmly and with a small goals. In time you will reach your big goal, in what ever you decide to take on! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YES high five!!!!!
      I am so glad I am not the only one!! ANd yes you are totally right: trying is the beginning and sometimes all we need – a beginning! “Calmly and with small goals” – I needed some time to figure that out and I still sometimes forget. ❤ SO strength and calmness to us both!


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