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Doll Profile #4 Lord Ahriman


Lord Ahriman


Ahriman – Daeva, the King of Demons, Punisher, impersonate evil. Lord and Death himself. Ahriman looked like a young man with big horns and red eyes, shining like rubies in the dark. He was once a god, then a Daevas, never satisfied and he always wanted more. Drunk by power, violence and dark energy, he pushed himself further and further. He absorbed every little darkness he could find, never resting or any mercy for himself and especially for others. He even absorbed demons and eventually was able not only to get their energies, but also their abilities. He was also called the Snake, since this was his Symbol, deadly and toxic. He was unstoppable and assembled all evil creatures around him. He was almost at the top, not only as the king of the Daevas, but as the king of all evil. He wanted to rule everything or destroy everyone in his way. Maybe even both at once.
And then the power overwhelmed him. It almost ate him alive and all that was left, was his demonly powers. But at one point it was simply too much – he was full. But he kept on eating until… yes, until what? (see also Ahriam the Demon)


doll: Dollzone Freddy.02 in a Dollzone Demon-Egg

face up: ??

wig: Luts

eyes: ??

– You can find all Profiles here
– my characters and story is not for roleplay –
– my content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License

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