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Doll Profile #6 Beelzebub




Belzebub is a proper demon since his prigin. He is a little rascal, who loves mischief and pranks. He is a very carefree and not neccessarily “evil” beeing. He just loves to fool around, play pranks and to get on everyone nerves. He can slip between a ghostly and a more human form, but he prefers to be a ghost. He is really fond of humans, in his own way and he really don’t want them to die, maybe to suffer, but really no dying.

He followed the Daevas in the battle anyway, because he thought of it as a big fun prank on everyone else with some really powerful, but weird, companions. Eventually when he saw the bloody fights around him and all this death, he decided that this is not his thing at all. He fleed the scene even before anything was decided. What a waste of time!

So he went back to the humans, back to pranking and doing stupid stuff. And he was happy. Then he found this little horned demon, who was claiming to be Ahriman. The Ahriman… this little guy, who makes the humans vomit their guts out. It was hilarious!

He laughed so hard, when he saw the effect this guy had for the first time, that he promised to help this little fellow demon to get into his “old self”. Why? Why did he help him, even after all this bloody memories? Did he perhaps believe this fool and wanted Ahriman to be back?
No, please! He is helping him, because it sounded like a huge prank.
Like the biggest prank in his entirely life!


doll: Doll Chateau Hugin Halloween Event 2016

face up: Nana M (myself)

eyes: default

– You can find all Profiles here
– my characters and story is not for roleplay –
– my content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License

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