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Update 14-02-19

Hello hello :3

There are some updates for this blog and my hobby activites. And let’s just start!!



I really tried to get as many profiles out there as possible, before February, but I failed – lol. But I am able to publish three more today: Ahriman the Daeva Lord, Ahriman the demon, Beelzebub the Demon. Originally Marielle was planned to be next, but plans changed and the three were easier to publish, since I have to redo Maries profile a bit. After that there will be Nettie, Tie-Jien and maybe another Daeva. Or Kali…hmmm…. we will see.
You will find all profiles and race histories here or just scroll through the blog.

Social Media

My Flickr is gone now – more social media purge… lol
I also deleted my YouTube Videos – maybe I will post some again, but since the posts are gone, there was no “need” for them anymore. I am still not sure about if I will make any videos, but we will see.
I am very inactive on ever Forum – I only visit the marketplaces sometimes, but everything else I am not very active anymore. So basically you can only find me here, on my doll instagram and rarely on my personal insta


I started to edit some of the story and I consider to change the perspective in some parts entirely. The chapters in Marielles past are written through her eyes, but Veve itself is written from a story teller perspective – I don’t know how they are called in English, only in German – maybe someone can educate me 😉
Anyways: I am still not sure if I want to make that change – what is your opinion about novels with changing perspectives and telling style??

But all in all it is not that bad and I would love to talk about some parts to someone, but I am still too shy to acutally talk about it – lol. Like this with the blog is fine with me, but everything else… yeah… weird.

Waiting list 2019


Soo… I don’t know how this happened, but again I am waiting for so many dolls xD

  • 1/4 Sibirian Husky by July Gass on etsy
  • 1/4 Souldoll Gana – full body commission with KolaKrash Dolls
  • 1/4 Dollshe Amanda in oriental skin
  • 1/3 Meeksdoll Lazlo in oriental Skin – head only
  • 1/3 Argodoll Nelei in tan Skin on a curvy Body

Kali will be home soon I hope – but just look at her… I am in awe! What a Babe!! ❤
The Doggo was my Birthday gift to myself – and now my Hobby Money for 2019 is gone – for now. But I still plan some things for late, laaaaaate 2019.

Wishlist 2019


  • Dollshe Mystic Body in oriental skin
  • Miracle Doll Jing head
  • Dream Valley B4-05 body
  • Resionsoul Bao in green

Bao is on my wishlist for a long time now and I think I will buy him maybe in August?! He will be my humanoid version of Faunus, what makes me very excited to plan out!!

BJD: Owner vs Doll 2019


My face…. xD

I love this tag #bjdvsowner – it is fun to see some people behind the dolls. And so you can see me again – Helllllooooo ~~ ❤
No more deeper meaning 😉


Yes, these are the updates – time to finish the last two profiles, then I can upload Ahriman 1 and Ahriman 2 and Beelzebub – wooopp ❤

so see you soon – love and cheers :3

1 thought on “Update 14-02-19”

  1. Sometimes it can be very “healthy” to leave some social media behind. So I can understand teh choices – and in the end no final decision if you want to come back. Thats actually one forgiving thing as they are so rapidly on the go.

    So we can be excited to see some more great projects from you!
    And Hello! ^__^ you look cute! I adore how versatile your doll crew is!

    Liked by 1 person

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