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Update 18-02-19

~This is just amazing!!~

Hello dear friends!


On friday was a very beautiful day…

…since my Kali was in the mail!
Here are some boxopening pictures – sorry they are dark and only with my phone, since I was about to go to the airport that day and my back already hurt a lot.

Kali is my Souldoll Spider Queen with a Gana head and in a beautiful blue color! I have her now since autumn last year and I never had the time or energy to work on her. She is quite unique with her color and four arms! She was with Koalakrash Dolls – and I must say this was just fun and amazing to work with her. She is very nice and creative, experienced in resin and vinyl dolls, but also quick in responding messages and so damn efficient. The whole commission just took what – like at most 4 weeks including shipping?!
I mean I live in Germany – she in France – so the shipping was actually just 3 to 4 days or so, but I got updated all the time and she just did BEAUTIFULLY work!!! So highly recommended artist, especially if you are looking for someone in Europe!

And here she is in her full glory:


Also a little before and after. I think I get better with editing, also I think I slowly find my own style kind of thing… I am really happy about this picture, since it took me some effort to finish it. My back hurt some days now and it is exhausting…

Where is Kali in Veve?

Some of you already know that I always wanted a doll with four arms. I don’t know why, but I just love the aesthetic. She first was another character of mine, but it felt kind of pressured or forced – and not right. But thanks to my story and it’s still continuing evolution, there came more characters, more races and more diversity. And at one point the Gods came into the play.

Kali was always a favorite of mine – besides Ganesha and Bastet – and all of them are a part of Veve now. Ganesha is a party animal – or more like the Elephant in the room lol – and after his retirement as an active God he decided to do what he is really good at: Parties.

So he is now running a dance club somewhere in East Europe, open to everyone magical or non magical. Bastet is an exotic dancer and loves to set the mood in the club, she is the star on the dance floor. And Kali… Kali decided to join Ganesha and is the main attraction behind the bar, swirling the bottles and glasses. She is a born bartender and loves to entertain her customers with some unique cocktails and some very… special jokes. But more in her future profile post.


So this is the update today 🙂
I will try to get three more profiles up this week – Nettie, Marielle and maybe Agash – and then we already have 9 dol profiles up of … I don’t know, one second, let me count … 9 of 27 dolls (incl. all dolls on their way or ordered).

Wow… They keep growing way too fast lol

But that’s it for today – love and cheers :3

10 thoughts on “Update 18-02-19”

  1. Congrats, Rachel! Koalakrash’s work is gorgeous, befitting a goddess~ She is beautiful and I’m happy for you that she’s home again after her spa trip~

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  2. Ah she certainly have a very amazing face-up and painting! Congrats on her arrival Nana ^__^ Their story sounds super cool and interesting and unusual. I can imagine her so well behind the bar haha, such a cool and suiting idea! Also looking forward to see more of them!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much ❤ – She is not difficult to take good pictures, when you managed to get all four arms in position xD


  3. She is amazing! I saw the photos on Instagram and my thoughts went to Kali, the Hindu Goddess! She and Shiva was interesting to read about during my theology studies. I found my favourite in Ganesha.
    Love the blue color and the details! You are lucky to own her! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ganesha is also on of my favorites!!! He, Kali and Bastet (Egyptian Goddess of cats) – maybe also Anubis… But I love the legends of Gods and their “history”


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