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Doll Profile #7 Marinette


Marinette (Nettie) Petro



A Loa is ghost spirit of voodoo, with great power and nearly unlimited possibilities. The Loa are capable of granting nearly every wish of their followers. The tempel, where the people pray to them, are called Hounfours. In a ritual Loa get offerings for their blessing, mostly fruits, flowers or drinks, but also animals, each Loa get his or her favorite things. The Loa only takes the spirit of the offerings, which is the essence of his life, the remains can be used by the humans. Each Loa will be called by his name, but also has his own individual sign, his Veve.

Marinette belongs to the Family Petro, the Family of war, but also freedom. She is, like her Family suggest, freedom-loving, spirited and lives hrt life to the fullest. Nettie is married to Ti-Jean, but she is an independent woman, so they do not live together and sometimes meet with others – ghosts, humans, gods (if they still exist). Ti-Jean is also in a relationship with Erzulie, another Loa. But that hardly bothers Nettie, at that times she has her rest from all these love things.

To call the shop “VeVe” was actually Netties idea, since it kind of hinted their true nature, but the humans don’t really get the hint. She thinks that is hilarious. She comes and goes to the store as she likes, as she is mainly responsible for the production of tinctures and poisons in the back room.  She has no real work schedule, but she is mostly in the shop anyways, she brews the potions and poisons But she also loves to be social, like very social, sometimes and sit outside and talks with customers. She has a problem with anger, it got better with the centuries, but it is part of her nature. She loves to be free and independent, so if this or her beloved ones are in danger, be still can become very angry. Nettie loves to collect herbs and plants, since it gives her spirit some peace.  And sometimes peace is the answer, not anger.

doll: SummerBJD Viola body in brown skin/ Doll Chateau KID Charles head in normal skin

face up + skin customization : myself

wig: myself

eyes: Mako eyes grey

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– my characters and story is not for roleplay –
– my content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License

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