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Doll Profile #8 Marielle


Marielle (Marie) Verbeek

The humans live in the “real” world, this earthly world. Most of them never see or feel anything from the Otherworld. They don’t remember the true essence of life and death. But a few of them are gifted, these people are still sensitive to the world behind the curtain. Sometimes a human is even capable of traveling with their soul from one world to another, a soul traveller, but that is rare and dangerous.

Marielle grew up with her adopted mother Madame Verbeek, who is also a soul traveller, in Vienna, Austria. Her parents died when she was just a baby, but that is all she really knows, since nobody told her anything and she was never in the position to ask certain questions. Marie, how she wants to be called now, had the ability to see through the curtain of the worlds since a very young age, but to travel to the otherworld took some time and practise. Madame pushed her beyond her limit and one day, Marie was only 13 years old, a fatal accident happened. Marie could not bare the preassure and abuse this woman put her through anymore, she decided she had to leave to survive. But it took some more years until she was able to flee.

Marie lived some years as an homeless teen in different cities, until something pulled her to a certain city. In this city she found “Veve” and the girls, Marniette and Brigitte, who took her in. Marie is not used to love, since she never felt loved bevor.  But Marie loves the girls very much and they became family to her.And romantic love? Hell no.
She works in Bries and Netties shop now and also lives with them in a small room. But that is fine with her – she never felt more home than now.



ADULT-doll: Iplehouse JID Soa in

face up: myself

wig: human hair wig by myself
(and no…not my hair, but old extensions xD)

eyes: Ersa Flora on etsy

CHILD-doll: Souldoll Sweeter Sevi

-work in Progress-


TEENAGER-doll: Harucasting E-Minor

– You can find all Profiles here
– my characters and story is not for roleplay –
– my content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License

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