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Update 17-03-19

Hello from the otherside…

Hello dear friends!


I don’t really have time to write an update, but I want to…

…I didn’t had time to do anything – lol

BUT I managed to motivate me for a quick photoshoot of Kali and Hobbs, since I dressed her for a little stress relieve. I love to redress dolls, when I am stressed. I is so soothing and those to are so fun right now.

Please enjoy:

Kali andopted Hobbs in her part of the Veve-Universe and I could not really stop her. He originally should become the Doggo of someone else, who I will not shell as a doll until maybe 2020?!… So he was gone… But he also brought some ideas where this person could end and how she and Marie can meet up again…

Also I am considering to write some kind of spin off of Kali, Ganesha, Bastet and Hobbs… I just love the whole concept of them having and working in a night club. But we will see. I started to edit Veve though and I started to add the summery of new chapters. I really want to get through what I have, so I can write more at NaNoWriMo 2019.

Also I am thinking of getting a Beta-Reader for Veve Part 1 – especially for German Grammar and with some basic knowledge of story telling… Yeahhh…
But maybe I am too shy to show any of it xD
ANYWAYS I still have to get through the book at least one time and fill the gaps, before anyone can follow the whole thing…


So this is the update today 🙂
There is also a Profile up now for Kali and Hobbs – next will be Agash, Faunus, Aeshma and maybe Ti-Jean. Also I am planning a big photoshooting with all current Daeva, but that is still work in progress.

But that’s it for today – love and cheers :3

4 thoughts on “Update 17-03-19”

  1. Kali is so gorgeous! I adore her blue skin.
    I would have loved to offer to beta read, but I don’t know German. I know the feeling when you want to have people read your writing, but at the same time, you hesitate XD I feel super shy about it as well. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Dear!! I know I would have many people I would send my stuff to (you included), if it was in german xD – but I really have to edit it first, before I translate anything… :/


    1. Hei 🙂
      He is an art doll from July Gass on Instagram and Etsy – she sells their animals there. If you want one you have to check her etsy regurarely – like I did – to snatch one, they sell out pretty quick! love xx


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