about me

Hello there …

My Name is Rachel, but just call me Nana. I am from Germany and I am a total geek.

This is my Blog about my BJD Hobby, my Dolls, Art, my crafts and other geeky things.
BJDs are Ball-Jointed-Dolls, mainly from Japan, China or South Korea (wiki)

Dolls were always a big part of my life.
I started with big baby dolls, Barbies and action figures, but that is already a looong time ago.

As a teenager I found my passion for painting, crafting and sewing. At that time I only did things for me or my family, like clothes to wear, or things to use…

But then I found the first pictures of BJDs on deviantart and I really liked all the possibilities of customizing your own doll…and never bought one.

It took me a long time to finally buy my own first BJD, but when she arrived I knew, that this is a hobby I can be very creative and happy!

And now I am here with all my current dolls, ready to evolve their own universum.
And I love it!

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