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Diorama #1: Mystical Woods

So I crafted something in the last days and I am so excited to Show it to you guys. Most of you know, that Georg and I live in a very small space. I mentioned it quite some time here and there. We are currently looking for a bigger apartment, but it is horrible in Munich… Continue reading Diorama #1: Mystical Woods

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Hobby Talk #16: Character And Story Updates

To be honest sometimes I am not sure how interesting my Characters or story are... Or I am just uncertain since you guys here are the only one I tell it to. I mostly never tell or show character backgrounds or story things besides on the blog. And to be honest nobody asks me -… Continue reading Hobby Talk #16: Character And Story Updates

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Hobby Talk #15: Waiting and Selling List

I decided to share with you guys my not so secret plans. I really thought about surprising you, but I am not good at this xD I already posted this picture on IG, but there are a few updates I want to share with you - my current waiting list and dolls I want to… Continue reading Hobby Talk #15: Waiting and Selling List

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Hobby Talk #14: Incoming October Madness

So I am still not sure if this is a good or a very, very, very, very bad idea! #givememadness #Iaskedforit #yolo ... xD I will try to accomplish three different projects in October - two draw challenges and the plotting for NaNoWriMo... Also I will be on holidays the first two weeks of October. We… Continue reading Hobby Talk #14: Incoming October Madness

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Miss Sassy and Miss Swag

I love these two... I did a little photo shooting with Marie and Nettie - those two are so fun to shoot. You place them and they look just... sassy and with such swag a and character. I am really happy to kind of have finished dolls here - that makes me feel a little… Continue reading Miss Sassy and Miss Swag