The Humans

The humans live in the “real” world, this earthly world. Most of them never see or feel anything from the otherworld. They don’t remember the true essence of life and death. But a few of them are gifted, these people are still sensitive to the otherworld. Even sometimes a human is capable of traveling with their soul from one world to another.

name: Marie (Marielle) Verbeek

gender: female
nature:  human
role: Medium
character: Marie can not only feel other beings, she can communicate with them and she can travel from one world to the other. She is honest and fair, but can be a real bit** and pain in the a**. She was never in love or has any interesst in men or women romanticly

behind the story:
Marie loves Brigitte like her sister, since her real halfsister and her are not on good terms. But otherwise she

Doll: Iplehouse JID Soa peach golden skin, medium bust
face up/ body blushing/ modifications:
NanaM (me)

name: Clarisse

age: 19
gender: female 
nature:  human
role: Empathic
character:she can feel the energy and emotions of other beings
behind the story:

Doll to be: Soul doll KIDS Ghana in normal Skin

The Dogs:

names: Misha (brown/red)- Zazu (black/white)

breed: both Akita Inu
age: both 3 years old
gender: both male
their human: Clarisse
character: Misha is the smarter one, he learns things quickly and love to do searching or remember games — Zazu is the lively one, he loves to run and play, he is alway the one, who gets both in trouble; both loves to cuddle with their human

behind the story:
Misha and Zazu grew up together at their human Clarisse home. When she left the house and decided to travel around the world, they went with her. Live is always an adventure and they both love it. They would do anything for their human and for their brother.

doll: still not sure – maybe two Koesener stuffed animals (MishaZazu), or some feltet animals in the right size.

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