The Gods

In the Beginning there were the gods – overly powered beeings, nearly immortal and beyond human imagination. They formed groups and spread all over the world, or should we say: worlds. Some decided to live in the human world, to rule and/ guide. Some decided to stay in the Otherworld forever, slowly weakening without the light of the human souls. This is what make them strong, each Soul that believes in them and lend their light. But a god would never hurt the souls under his wing, maybe the other, but surely not his own.
Whe some of the Gods went dark the Daeva were born and the rest of the gods tried to save their human souls, many of them died or fled the scene. Yes a god can die, so not many are in the human world. But there are still some left, but it is quite difficult to find them.

name: Ganesha (Nesh)

gender: male
nature:  god (Hinduism)
role: reitred God – Nightclub owner in Amsterdam
character: Gensha is a god of wisdom and intellect, so he himself is very clever and alsways charming, polite and to women very flirty. He is the god of beginnings and remover of obsticales. He loves the women and they love him. His human form is quite impressive, since he is tall and very broad,

behind the story:
Nesh, that is the name he gave himself, is  now a Nightclub owner in Amsterdam. His Club is famous around the world, especially his masked party where everyone gets a animal mask. Of course he is the only Elefant. Her is still a ladies man and loves to flirt. Her also has a Gallerie in the city where he mostly shows spiritually art pieces. He is still very powerful through the love he recieves of his loyal followes. He remains one of the most important gods of the Hinduism, but like most of the other gods that are still alive, he became carefull to interfere with the human fate.

Doll to be: Iplehouse FID Bane