The Nature Spirits

The nature spirits are the guardians of the plants and animals in this earthly world. They are ghostlike creatures and could travel to the otherworld, but their home is the living world, with the humans. In the old times they worked together with the humans to live one with nature, but since the humans became greedy and selfish, the spirits live by themself in the depth of the woods, fields and rivers.

name: Gaia

gender: female
nature: mother of the spirits
role: Empress of all spirits
character: Gaia is very noble like a true royal. She treats everyone in respect and if you show your goodwill to her, she will welcome you. If she gets angry, she will bring you hell on earth and destroys everything you care for. She mostly is very sarcastic and ironic, behind a angelic face.

behind the story: Gaia is not a nature spirit like everyone else, she grew in a teardrop of an albino hawk and became the mother of spirits, since she also has the ability to grow beings. She always was one of the brightest spirits ever grown. After she became of age, she created the council of spirits, where she brought together one spirit for every aspect of nature. In the time the Daevas roamed the lands, spread fright and fear, she denied the other beings the help through the spirits, because of fear for her children. When Taru and Zarik joined the woods, she showed them mercy, since they saved one of her children. She even allowed them to stay at her save haven.

Doll:  Doll Chateau Letitia
face up: Doll Chateau default

The current council

name: Flora

gender: female
nature: nature spirit
role: protector of the flowers
character: she is like the bees, always on the move and something to do or somewhere to be, she is very fun, despite she looks so innocent. She loves to drink and sing

behind the story: Flora is the spirit of all flowers and the seed to beauty and good smell. She loves to stroll through the flower fields, talk to the bees and mind her own business. The only other being, that can catch her for more than a second, is her queen – Gaia…. Or when she is drunk of all the nectar she consumes. Then she lays under the next leaf and really loves to sing old shanties.

Doll:  Doll Zone Big Brother

name: Faunus

gender: male
nature: nature spirit 
role: protector of the woods and fields
character: he is a good listener and if its fits, he says something good or funny. He loves his queen and wife very much. Sometimes he even doesn’t know, which if these two he loves more. If that happens, he always closes his eyes again and keep his mouth shut.

behind the story:
His wife is Fauna, a little fox like spirit. He seems always asleep, one with the woods and fields. Always listening to the earth. But sometimes he opens his eyes and says something very wise – or very funny. He is not very fond of the idea to give shelter to this horned creatures. He is afraid they will bring darkness in the safe haven. But he also would never talk against the will of his Queen. So he stayed quiet – for now. Also this quirky water spirit keeps them busy.

Doll:  Doll Chateau Little Red Riding Hood
face up: NanaM (me)

name: Fauna

gender: female
nature: nature spirit 
role: protector of the animals

behind the story:
Fauna is the wife of faunus and loves him dearly. She is also very loyal to her Queen. but sometimes she is very annoyed about her husband, serving their Queen without hesitation. She is the number two, she knows it and most of the time it doesn’t bother her – but sometimes it does. Fons brought These stranger with them and at first she was not sure what to think of them. But the sister showed respect to plants and

Doll to be:  DolliPamm ZOO SERIES Fox-SIPO female in orange

name: Fons

gender: female
nature: nature spirit 
role: protector of springs and waters

behind the story:
Fons is the youngest member of the council. She seems shy and quiet, but she has a big heart and a good eye for diplomacy and the truth. One day she slept on a stone by the river bank. A bird, not realizing who it was aiming for, decided to pick her up for a snack. She screamed since she wasn’t able to free herself from the bird. But there he was, a beautiful creature with red horns and sparkly eyes. He defended her from the bird and brought her back home. So her Queen Gaia gave him the permission to stay – her hero… oh and also his weird sister.

Doll to be:  DF-A Pets Frog

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