The Undead

Undead Zombies are living corpses, still one with her souls or parts of it. They live of the energy and essence of the living. They rarely have the urge to eat raw flesh, but sometimes it cannot be helped. They need the flesh to restore their still rotting bodies. A Undead can only be created by Papa Ghede or the Barons since they are the Loa Family of Death. Mainly through black magic, using the depths of the blackness and the essence of life, give each of them the oportunity to create one living corpse every century. But most of the Loa don’t like the idea to give other creatures pieces of stolen life, because they’re responslible for these creatures and the Loa love their independence.
Brigitte and Samedi were always different. They were eager to spread their love for life and death, and Samedi saw in many humans the opportunity to give something back. But not all of Samedis Zombies are still alive. They are still threee “children”: Benedict became a guardian of the family and the girls servants, but in priority they all became a own little family.

name: Izel

gender: female
age at death: 9
day of death: 26.07.1453 ,Tlatelolco/ Mexico
nature: former human/ undead Zombie
role: servant of the family Ghede
character: Griselda is very sweet and gentle. She likes to cook and bake, she loves to try dishes from different cultures and is a very considered person.

behind the story:
Izel is the first ever created Zombie by Samedi. Izel meants “unique” in Nahuatl, the language of the Aztec. She was the daughter of a Pochteca, an aztec travelling fabric and color merchant, trekking what is now Mexico. But then one of the gods supposedly demanded her death, Quetzalcoatl, the feathered snake. Despite of her young age, she proudly stood against death himself and died only 9 years old in a pit of deadly snakes by poisioning. Samedi watched everything with great admiration for this little thing and he decided she will be his first creation.

Doll:  Iplehouse KID Lonnie in grey skin

name: Anastasia
gender: female
age at death: 6
day of death: 04.01.1570, Novgorod/ Russia
nature: former human/ undead Zombie
servant of the family Ghede
She is a curious girl, because of her “young” soul she doesn’t always listen, she loves adventures and loves to drag Griselda along with her. She is more of a Tomboy. When something bad is happening, she runs to Brigitte.

behind the story:
Anastasia was the child of a teacher in Novgorod. She had a simple, but not poor, life with her parents and four older siblings, all boys. That time Iwan the Terrible was the Grand Prince of Russia and feared among the people. 1570 the paranoid Iwan sent his private army to the town of Novgorod and let them slay every citizens in town. Anastasia, her siblings and all the other children were thrown in the Volkhov river. Trapped under the ice of the river she tried to find the surface again, but a speer impale her from behind. Anastasia grabbed the speer and took the soldier with her under the cold water, were both of them died. Same did and Brigitte, who watched the whole tragedy, found her somewhere in the riverbed and felt an ache in their heart. So Samedi took her with him and transformed her in a little Zombie, to keep her safe. Until now Anastasia doesn’t understand the reason behind this attack, but sometimes she still dreams of the cold around her and red water reaching for her lungs.

Doll to be: Souldoll Sweeter Lily in normal Skin

name: Benedict
gender: male
age at death: 20
day of death: 16. April 1746, Culloden/ Great Britain
nature: former human/ undead Zombie
guardian of the family Ghede
Benedict is very loyal and thankful for his second chance of a “life” in service. He is a proven soldier, that is why he took the role of the guardian. He adores his two little “sister” and is very softspoken. He has a big sword slash on his chest, where he was cut open.

behind the story:
Benedict died for the scotts in the Battle of Culloden. He was a proud Highlander, although he doesn’t remember his clan or family, he still has a great sense for family and is proud to belong to the Family Ghede. Samedi found him at the battleground, defeted on his knees, but with his head held high. Even in his death you could see the brave soul wavering around him. So Samedi decided that he will be perfect to protect and serve, so he took him home, restored the remains of his soul and gave Benedict his body back. But since Benedict was already some time dead, before Samedi found ihm, he can’t remember much of his past. Samedi tried with his Brother Baron La Croix  to restore the missing memories, but it could be never done. Benedict wasn’ sure he wanted to remember after all. It was Samedis forth and last time doing this ritual and he never regreted it, that would Benedict ensure. During the battle he keeped the girls safe, since he had no great power against the Daevas. But after his master vanished, he was filled with regret and suffered with his mistress Brigitte. Right now he is on the mission to find Samedi, since Brigitte asked him to do so. Benedict will never give up, until he will find his master and complete his family again.

Doll to be: not decided

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