The Animals/ Pets


name: Gadyen (Guardian)

breed: Oriental Cat (grey/white tabby)
age: unkown
gender: female
her human: Marielle
character: Gadyen is very calm and seems to understand nearly every word what is spoken to her. She decided that Marie is her new partner, but sometimes it is not very clear who is the master and who is the pet.

behind the story:
One time Gayden came into the shop, sat on Maries lap and slept.  She never left and is now living with Marie. She goes with her to work, sleeps with her in one bed and never leaves her side. Nobody knows, where she came from, how old she is and why she seems to understand everything. Nettie tries often to lift the secrets of this cat, but since now, they still know nothing. But the old Egyptian already knew, that cats can travel to the Otherworld – maybe that is why Gayden loves Marie so much…

doll to be: Doll Eves Extreme Oriental female


names: Misha (brown/red)- Zazu (black/white)

breed: both Akita Inu
age: both 3 years old
gender: both male
their human: Clarisse
character: Misha is the smarter one, he learns things quickly and love to do riddle or remember games — Zazu is the lively one, he loves to run and play fetch, he is alway the one, who gets both in trouble; both loves to cuddle with their human

behind the story:
Misha and Zazu grew up together at their human Clarisse home. When she left the house and decided to travel around the world, they went with her. Live is always an adventure and they both love it. They would do anything for their human and for their brother.

doll to be: no plans for now