The Humans

The humans live in the “real” world, this earthly world. Most of them never see or feel anything from the otherworld. They don’t remember the true essence of life and death. But a few of them are gifted, these people are still sensitive to the otherworld. Even sometimes a human is capable of traveling with their soul from one world to another.

name: Marielle (Marie) Verbeek

age: 20
gender: female
nature: human
role: Medium
character: Marielle can not only feel other beings, she can communicate with them and she can travel from one world to the other. She is honest and fair, but can be a real bit** and pain in the a**. She was never in love or has any interests in men or women romantically

behind the story:
Marielle loves Brigitte (Brie) and Marinette (Nettie) like her sisters, since her real half sister and her are not on good terms. But otherwise she is not interested in love or romantic. She works in Bries and Netties shop called “VeVe”. A modern witch shop with amulets and potions. She found the shop 5 years ago, shortly after she left her former “home”, the house of her Aunt. With her Aunt she was forced to train her abilities to the limit and pure exhaustion. Only power – no love. So she left. Her way guided her to this shop and these to witches. Or at this time she thought they are witches – she would never imagined to find two of the most powerful Loas – and especially to call them one time not only friends, but family.

Doll: Iplehouse JID Soa peach golden skin, medium bust (adult version)
face up: NanaM (me)
Doll to be: Souldoll Sweeter Sevi (child version)

name: Clarisse

age: 22
gender: female
nature: human
role: Empathic
character:she can feel the energy and emotions of other beings. She has the Waardenburg syndrome, this means she has white hair by birth and also wide apart eyes.

behind the story:
Clarrisse never had so much talent as Marielle, nor had she ever the attention of her mother. When this little girl named Marielle joined Clarisse Family she was very happy at first. She thought maybe there was someone on her side for one. Not some one who Looks at her disappointed, as a disgrace for the mighty mystic mega Verbeek Family. But Marielle had Talent, not only that, she was gifted and Clarisse was not. So the good Feeling vanished and she began to hate this girl. Yes she saw Marielle was struggeling and nearly broke under the preassure of her mother, but she didn’t care. She was already broken at this point. But that is now a long time in the past. She left the family even before Marielle and decided after graduating to travel the world, find peace and especially find herself. She owns now two Dogs, Misha and Zazu and a little camper. She was never this happy before.

Doll to be: Raccoon Doll Emma on the curvy type body (adult version)
Doll: Iplehouse KID Paige (child version)

name: Constantine

age: 26
gender: female
nature: human
role: Schaman – self proclaimed
character: very loud and dramatic, loves to hang out in the shop

behind the story:

Is a loyal customer of the shop and a good friend of Marie. She is a self proclaimed Shaman and loves to discuss modern Wicca and Pagan movements with Nettie. She is very dear to the Girls and helps if nobody is in the shop.

Doll to be: not planned for now

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