The Daevas

The Daevas were godlike beings, who were rejected from humans and other beings, like the Loa. The reason was, that the Daeva weren’t able to differ between the truth (asha) and the lie (druj). They were ruthless, arrogant and haughty against everything and everyone. After some time one of them, Ahriman the snake, became the first demon- and godlike Daeva and the other Daevas followed him. They were pure evil and a reign of terror began in the Otherworld and also on some places in the human world. The Demons, little evil creatures, also began to follow Ahriman and fed of his dark energy. Ahriman picked seven Arch Daevas, who became his loyal servants and generals of his growing army. After a long dark era, eventually Ahriman vanished and after that the Arch Daevas were broken, banished or captured.

name: Ahriman

gender: male
age: unknown
nature: former full Daeva/ now Demon
role: former Demon King now a little Demon with less power

Behind the story:
Ahriman looked like a young man with big horns and red eyes, shining like rubies in the dark. He was once a god, then a Daevas, never satisfied and he always wanted more. Drunk by power, violence and dark energy, he pushed himself further and further. He absorbed every little darkness he could find, never resting or any mercy for himself and especially for others. He even absorbed demons and evetually was able not only to get their energies, but also their abilities. But at one point it was simply too much – he was full. But he kept on eating until… yes, until what?

Doll: Doll Zone Freddy-2 head normal skin+ Demonegg in white
face up: ??

you can find Ahriman Demon profile: here

name: Saurva

gender: male
age: unknown
nature: Daeva of Hunting and Drinking
role: former Chief Genereal of Ahrimans Army/ Gateway Keeper
character: he loves to drink, fu** – male and female – and cause pure chaos, he is very intelligent, his loyalty to Ahriman vary after the last incidents and the fall

behind the story:
Saurva is the Daeva of missgoverment, hunting and excessive drinking. His weapon was always the bow, since his name means bow in Avestan. After Ahriman vanished, he was captured of Papa Ghede himself. Papa Ghede saw a lot of his children in Saurva, a restless and intelligent little boy. So Papa Ghede suggested a game for his freedom. If Saurva could drink more than the old Loa, he would be free to go. So Papa Ghede filled him with alcohol, until Saurva passed out – and we talk about days and days of excessive drinking. When Saurva woke up again, he essence was bound to the gateway between the human and the otherworld. Papa Ghede told him, he would stay here and guide the souls, so he will learn the meaning of truth and death. And there he still is.

 Doll to be:  Soul Doll KIDS Joelle.D

name:  Aeshma

gender: male
age: unknown
nature: Daeva  of Greed, Murder and Anger
role: former Genereal of Ahrimans Army/ Guardian of the Passway
character: he is always angry and has a crazy glow in his eyes. But he is also clever, when he is able to think clear. The most important person is his best mate Astovidatu – even more than Ahriman

behind the story:
Aeshma was always feared from the spirits and all other souls for his crazyness. He and Astoviadtu tend to capture lost souls, feast from their energy and Aeshma bound them in cursed knifes. He is the personification of greed, murder, anger, but also intoxication. He was captured by the Barons, when Ahriman vanished. He is held in the passway between the worlds, arrested in a black magic Stone wall together with Astovidatu. They should welcome passengers and serve as a warning, to keep evil spirits out…or in, it depends which way you are going. He is not very friendly though, if someone is passing by, since he loves to yell and curse at them – or spit.

 Doll:  Withdoll 45cm Male body both white skin/ Miracle Doll Baiye head in white skin

 name: Astovidatu

gender: male
age: unknown
nature: Daeva of the Shadows and Persecutor of the Dead
role: former Genereal of Ahrimans Army/ Guardian of the Passway
character: he talks almost never or shows emotions. He can see always, even in the darkest of nights, because of his five eyes and their different abilities. He keeps his dark energy rope around his neck, so he can always reach it, when he needs it. Also he can travel through shadows and hides in them.

behind the story:
Astovidatu is called the “Daeva of the shadows”, as he can travel to every place, where a shadow is. He hides in them, to prey on his victims. It is said, when your shadow is longer than yourself, Astovidatu hides in it and watches you. He catches souls with his rope, which is kept beneth his teeth. Then Aeshma binds them in a knife, after they fed on them. After Ahriman vanished, he is also held in the black magic stone wall in the passway. But he is already planning an escape, when Aeshma has finally calmed down and stopped talking.

Doll to be:  Doll Chateau KID 06 body/ Miracle Doll Jing head

Aeshma and Astovidatu

Aeshma and Astovidatu found each other very early. Some say they have a kind of “romantic” relationship, some say, they just compliment each other in their dedication for torture and fear. They love to feast on freshly souls – together of course. If a soul rises up – lets call it heaven- Astovidatu and Ashma linger in the dark shadows, ready to purge on the innocent energies. Astovidatu captured the souls with a black rope and pulled them in the shadows. Then Aeshma and Astovidatu absorbed the energy of this pure and poor beeings. But only the good and strong memories, until there was only a sad and terrified soul left.  This dark energy transformed Aeshma in a knife, which he collected and both of them gained power of. One knife for each soul and each knife with his own name.

name:  Agash

gender: female
age: unknown
nature: Daeva of Illness, Missfortune and the Evil Eye
role: former Genereal of Ahrimans Army/ locked away in endless sleep
character: Agash is very mystic, since nearly nothing is known of her. Everyone is dying, while looking in her eyes. But she is also said to be a cruel hangman, and has no cautions to use torture in the name of Ahriman. She is very proud to serve her master.

behind the story:
Agash eyes are deadly, so she always wore a veil infront of her face. Her fellow Daevas were naturally protected of her stare, but even the strongest Demon could not resist her deadly look. She is not only the Daeva of the evil eye, but furthermore responsible for deadly illness and bad luck. She tried to kill Brigitte in the big battle with her stare. Brigitte kept her eyes shut and fought her just by chasing the dark engery of Agash. Eventually Brigitte ripped her apart in an epic battle and cursed Agash with a sleeping beauty spell. So now she lays somewhere unkown, only half of herself and sleeps until forever… or does she?

Doll: Doll Zone Limited Edition The Star
face up: Doll Zone default

name: Aka Manah

gender: female
age: unknown
nature: Daeva of Evil Thinking and Sinning
role: former Genereal of Ahrimans Army/ vanished
character: Aka Manah is sneaky, never telling the truth, always looking for the best way, to get her way. She has 4 arms, big horns and no mercy. She would do anything for Ahriman, her one and true “love”, the only thing she ever desired besides herself.

behind the story:
Aka Manah is the Daeva that brings you bad thoughts and dreams, you will sin and turn your soul rotten. She lures men into her lair with a illusion of the perfect women. Each man sees what he desires the most. In the big war, she saw her Master Ahriman die. She would have done anything for Ahriman, even die in his place, but she failed. She was so angry so her cold heart unleashed a energy she could not control. But for whom should she control it. Ahriman was gone. Brigitte tried to stop her, but was to weak after her fight with Agash and so Aka Manah died. Or it is said that she had died this day, when Samedi took her with him, wherever they went. Both are still vansished to this day.

 Doll to be:  ??

Agash and Aka Manah

Agash and Aka Manah were both beautiful, each one in her own way. Agash was the one who killed in joy – merciless, brutal and violent. Bathing in blood and intestines until she was satisfied, but she nearly never was. Aka Manah was a temptress, lurring her victims, giving them pleasure until she turned their reality in pure evil madness. Both were dear to Ahriman. His two deadly and beautiful women, his loyal servants and generals. Agash and Aka Manah were in an constant fight for the attention of their master, trying to outbid the other. This made them even more dangerous, but also more careless.

name: Zarik

gender: female
age: unknown
nature: Daeva of Thirst and Poison
role: former Genereal of Ahrimans Army/ on the run with her brother
character: She is telepathic, like her brother and she only talks occasionally. She loves plants, but only the toxic ones. She has a huge knowledge of plants, poisions and how to create the most evil tinctures. She is bound to her brother, like they are one being

behind the story:
Zarik is a very talented poison maker. She filles every possible evil substance in little phials and stores them for her brother to use. She is also representing the endless youth and can make any living creature age until they die. Right before Ahriman vanished she saw that the Daevas were going to lose, so she communicated with her brother in their minds and leaved the battle scene. Since then they are hiding in different places, far away of any humans and places where the Loa live.

 Doll:  Doll Chateau KID girl Colin in tan Skin
face up: NanaM (me)

name: Taru

gender: male
age: unknown
nature: Daeva of Hunger and Punisher of Sins
role: former Genereal of Ahrimans Army/ on the run with his sister
character: Taru is telepathic, like his sister. He is more talkative than his sister and more social in generall. He can smell sinners and loves to punish them for their failures. He has sometimes mercy for animals, since they are more pure than humans

behind the story:
Taru is the Daeva of hunger and loves to starv humans to death or poision the meals of his victims. He doesn’t prepare the poison he use himself, he gets it from his sister. They have a mental symbiosis, so they are very dependent from each other. He uses the poision mostly for plants, so they do harm to the humans. Since they fled, he rarely uses anything to attract the false attetion. They are never long at one place, but since they are showed mercy to one of the nature spirits, they can hide in the mystic areas of the woods and fields.

Doll: Doll Chateau KID Colin boy in white skin
face up: NanaM (me)

Zarik and Taru

Zarik and Taru think of each others as brother and sister. There are not really blood relations inthis race, but it is possible for two Daevas to bond deeply. This happend to Zarik and Taru, so they eventually developed a similar appearance and  a telekinese connection. They can communicate without spoken words, just by sending feelings, pictures and desires from one mind to the other. They also compliment each other n their interests and preferences in nature and natural toxics and poisions. Zarik loves to make poisions out of seeds, mushrooms and plants, to create toxic tonics and tincutres, each with a different evil flavor. But Taru is the one who uses them. He mixes them in the Food and Drinks of the humans. Poisioning the animals and plants around the People and feast on their suffering. But the animals and plant would never be harmed. They mostly despite the human race.

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