The Demons

Demons are little evil and not so evil Spirits. Spirits?
They would say they are the essence of fun and good humor. Everyone else would most likely say: They are just a pain in the a**. Demons are as old as time, but it is not so clear where they are from and how many there are. In the war between the Daeva and the rest of the beeings, they sided with the Daeva. After some time even the Demons realized, that this was the dumbest idea they ever had.

name: Ahriman

gender: male
nature: former full Daeva/ Demon
role: former Demon King/ now a little Demon of nausea and regorge
character: He lies, nearly every time he opens his mouth. He is also very angry about his current state. He is manipulating, power hungry…and now just a little demon

behind the story:
Ahriman was the first Daeva who was not only godlike, but also gain the powers and abilites of  demons. He was also called the Snake, since this was his Symbol. He was unstoppable and assempled all these evil creatures around him. He was almost at the top, not only as the king of the Daevas, but as the king of all evil beings… and then the power overwhelmed him. It almost ate him alive and all that was left, was his demonly powers. After a long time he eventually managed to recreate a body, but it was just the body of a little demon. All the power, abilities and the influence of his former Daeva life – gone. All he could do now, is make people barf. He hates it! Then he found Belzebub, who will help him to get all of his power back and then they all are going ot pay.

 Doll:  Doll Zone Faramita


name: Belzebub

gender: unkown
nature: Demon of pranks
role: life purpose is to prank human beings
he is a little rascal, who loves mischief and pranks. He has a loud and evil laugh. He can slip between a ghostly and a more human form, but he prefers to be a ghost

behind the story:
Belzebub is a proper demon since his prigin. He followed the Daevas in the battle, because he thought of it as a big fun prank on everyone else. Eventually when he saw the bloody fights around him, he decided that this is not his thing at all. So he went back to the humans, back to pranking and doing stupid stuff. Then he found this little horned demon, who was claiming to be Ahriman. THE Ahriman… this little guy, who makes the humans vomit their guts out. It was hilarious! He laughed so hard that he promised to help this little fellow demon to get into his “old self”. Why? Did he perhaps believe this fool? No, please! He will help him, because it sounded like a huge prank.

 Doll:  Doll Chateau Hugin Halloween Event 2016
face up: NanaM (me)


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