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Doll Profile #2 – Lillith

Lillith Lillith is a lost child, a breed that is not well known, but feared of both magical humans and the creatures of the other world. Lillith is named after the mother of Demons, the creature that birthed every little evil spirit in this and the other world, but that Lillith is neither herself or her mother.… Continue reading Doll Profile #2 – Lillith

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Doll Profile #1 – Rena

Rena Rena is 28 years old and a long time friend of the girls in the shop, Brigitte and Marinette. The frist time she visited "Veve", the little witch shop, she was just a teenager and her name was still Mark. Mark was a struggled young boy, who didn't know who he was and where… Continue reading Doll Profile #1 – Rena

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Chewbacca FF Photostory (Part 1)

 THE DESSERT The air smelled sour with a hint of dead rat. His nose wiggled uncomfortable and a little cough came out of his mouth. His brown fur rose when a sudden wind blew through the dessert. Chewbacca shook himself and goosebumps crawled over his back. he loaded his bow to be ready, if something decided… Continue reading Chewbacca FF Photostory (Part 1)

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Pro Artist – No To Recasts – A Statement

Hello dear Friends, I never stated any kind of political statement here, about anything. But the last events made me think about my own opinion and my "neutrality" I hid behind. If you wonder, where this thought or post is coming from, I would recommend to read Musumes blog first and also Puffypuffer on IG. Basically the… Continue reading Pro Artist – No To Recasts – A Statement