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Hobby Talk #14: Incoming October Madness

So I am still not sure if this is a good or a very, very, very, very bad idea! #givememadness #Iaskedforit #yoloย ... xD I will try to accomplish three different projects in October - two draw challenges and the plotting for NaNoWriMo... Also I will be on holidays the first two weeks of October. We… Continue reading Hobby Talk #14: Incoming October Madness

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Hobby Talk #13: Skater-Chick And Rollergirl

I bought something... three things to be exact :3 OLD SCHOOL ROLLER SKATES!! I am so happy with them - they are so darn cute and fun to play with!! I bought them at SK Dollhouse on etsy - one for Azone and two for Yosd. Let's see how they look like: AZONE They came… Continue reading Hobby Talk #13: Skater-Chick And Rollergirl