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Chewbacca FF Photostory (Part 1)

 THE DESSERT The air smelled sour with a hint of dead rat. His nose wiggled uncomfortable and a little cough came out of his mouth. His brown fur rose when a sudden wind blew through the dessert. Chewbacca shook himself and goosebumps crawled over his back. he loaded his bow to be ready, if something decided… Continue reading Chewbacca FF Photostory (Part 1)

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Let’s Get Drunk! Beelzebub Style

Okay this happened: Beelzebub got a own Drink! PinotNoirIceCreamBar of Youtube and Instagram made him a sour drink of hell xD You can send her on her homepage some Info of your doll and she creates a drink in you... or more your dolls name. It is so fun to watch and I will definitely… Continue reading Let’s Get Drunk! Beelzebub Style

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Random #8: 30 facts about me…

I saw many blogger doing challenges like "50 Facts about me", "20 random things, you didn't know" and "26 Alphabet challenge". I love these kind of blog entries. You can read personal facts, experiences and thoughts from people on the other side of the internet. People you really like, who inspire you and it this is very liberating. There… Continue reading Random #8: 30 facts about me…