+Role Online+

The Project:

This is more a writing project, than a doll project -for now. Here is just a brief overview about the world, the concept and the characters.

The Game:

+Role Online+ is a so called MMORPG, a Mass Multiplayer Online Role-Play Game, and it is set in a huge fantasy world. You can decide between seven different classes, which are:

  • Necromancer:
    you can build an undead army, hex your enemies and fill them with fear, so they will run from you. You and your comrates can get stronger through your bloodmagic, your enemies won’t survive these kind of spells…sadly.


  • Warrior:
    swing your axe or your sword. Defend you comrates and slash with rage through your enemies. You can survive the longest, so you can help your magicians, while they are working their magic, with gaining some time and deaths


  • Guardian:
    you are a healer and protector. You can slay with the warrior, kicking you enemies ass. But you can also stand behind lines and resurect and heal your comrates. A good guardian is the key to success


  • Mage:
    You have to specialize in two of the 5 elements: fire, water, air, earth and alchemy. A good mage can be either a helping hand for his and his comrates, to get stronger, faster and to survive longer. Or a merciless destroyer, a devil on the battle field, destroing all the enemies


  • Engeneer:
    You are a Inventor and a Specialist in all weapons, like bow, guns and explosives. You can trap your enemies, before they can attack, shot them, while they are busy and help your comrates your little kamikaze minions, you build from the scraps and little pieces.


  • Illusionist:
    Everthing is true, nothing is real. As a Illusionist you can create different kinds of fear, dreams and tdelusions. Make your enemies dizzie and confused, while nothing of these things are real, they are a real threat to you enemies. Are there too many of them? No Problem, how about you exist two, three, four times?


  •  Assassin:
    You are invisible to you enemies, until you attack them. Stealth, precision and a deadly attack with small weapons, like daggers or sais,  are your main skills. Your are the fastest of the class, nearly impossible to catch by you enemies.
The Clan – “Faith of the Ronin”

The Clan is very young and the member are still trying to figure each other out. Frank and Kenta played the longest together and decided to  create the Clan. Kenta was the one who suggested the name, since he is a huge samurai anime fan. They manily go on raids, or play together in world versus world. They want to climb up the clan ranks, but they had a rough start. Since few weeks they now recrutet the current members and maybe finally they are able to stabilize the clan.

Clan Members (in ranks)

ingame: SilentDeath
class: Necromancer
name: Frank
age: 23
nationality: german
location: Berlin
(doll: Ringdoll K)


ingame: tAmAchan
class: Thief
name: Kenta
age: 23
nationality: japanese
location: Linz
(doll: Iplehouse Bichun)

Full Members

ingame: ZLATAN
class: Warrior
name: Alfie
age: 21
nationality: british
location: Manchester
(doll: Souldoll Colin)

ingame: The Saint
class: Guardian
name: Dae
age: 20
nationality: german/ korean
location: Hamburg
(doll: Souldol Swinte )

ingame: Sairva Harvester
class: Necromancer
name: Jalina
age: 23
nationality: russian
location: Zurich
(doll: Iplehouse Audrey)

ingame: Furiosa
class: Mage
name: Leni
age: 21
nationality: kenyan/ austrian
location: Vienna
(doll: Iplehouse Ashanti )


ingame: Stoghana
class: Illusionist
name: Alva
age: 22
nationality: swedish
location: Stockholm
(doll: Souldoll Hwa Yeon)

ingame: commordore101
class: engineer
name: Leon
age: 25
nationality: spanish
location: Madrid
(doll: Souldoll Cratos )

The Storyline:

Manly the story is about the people playing a game together. What they can achieve, who they are and how they will envlove, in the game and behind the screen.

You can read more here on Fanfiktion.de (only german – sorry ^^)

Will there be dolls?

I am still not sure if I want to translate them into dolls. Maybe one or two of them. But it really helped me to get the characters and have a inspirational image of them. I am currently writing more about them, than my *Otherworld* story. It is easier, to stay in a non magical world….but… Of course there must be a little magic in every story of mine… I mean they are playing a fantasy game – that should do it 😉

image source: Dolls are company pictures, please visit also original Homepages – Iplehouse, Souldoll, Ringdoll

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