Besides BJDs I am also in love with Azones. These cute little girls, with their anime features. And the best thing is, that they are way less complicated than my BJD. I take my Azone with me when I travel, or when I just want to play a little bit. Someday I want to give them a real home ❤

You can find more pictures of them on my flickr or instagram 🙂


Dolls I own:


doll: Pure Neemo Character Series No.97 Flying Witch – Makoto Kowata (2016)

story: Ray is the oldest of three sisters and loves to prank her little sister. Of course only she is allowed to tease them – Ray is very funny, she likes movies and series, especially splatter and scary ones!.







doll: Pure neemo character series no. 93 Kokoro ga sakebitagatteru da – Jun Naruse (2016)
-> now on a Obitsu Vers. 2 normal Skin Body (2017)

story: Hanami is the middle sister of the three pack. She loves mangas and animes, but she is scared easily. Hanami is very naive, believes in true love and is also a romantic. She can cook and bake very well.





doll: Pure neemo character series no. 90  Goure kukkurri-san – Kohina Ichimatsu (2016)

story: Miku is the youngest of the three sisters and she has only interest in  books, nature and legends. She believes in ghost, spirits and all the supernatural stuff. Miku doesn’t talk very much and seems sometimes strange to other people, except when she is around her sisters.