Ball-Jointed-Dolls (BJD)

Here is a list of all my Ball-Jointed-Dolls

you can find Pictures and their profiles of them
here on the blog
 ore on my flickr or instagram

* DollLove Evol head normal skin (2014)
* Doll Zone Demon Egg white skin (2016)
* Doll Zone Freddi-2 head in normal skin (2016)
* Doll Chateau KID Charles head in pink skin (2017)

* Iplehouse JID Soa, peach golden skin, medium bust (2014)
* (Hybrid) Doll Chateau KID Debbie head in yellow skin + Angel of Dreams small bust body in y-normal Skin (2017/2015)
* Doll Chateau KID Collin in white skin/ male (2016)
* Doll Chateau KID Collin in tan skin/ female (2017)
* (Hybrid) MiracleDoll Baiye ghost head – white skin (2016) + Withdoll 45cm JWD Body in White (2017)
* Summerbird BJD Viola Body in milkey Skin (2018)
* SoulDoll Junia.V Spider Queen – with Gana head (2018)

* Iplehouse KID Lonnie  in grey Skin/ female (2016)
* Iplehouse KID Paige in peach golden Skin (2017)
* Doll Chateau Letitia in white skin/ limited full set (2016)
* DollZone The Star/ limited full set (2016)

* Doll Chateau Faramita in white (2016)
* Doll Zone Big Brother in white (2016)
* Doll Chateau Little Red Riding Hood (2017)
* Doll Chateau Hugin/ limited 2016 Halloween event (2017)