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DoA Anniversary 2018 Photography Contest

I managed to take part in the DoA Anniversary Bare Minium Contest - see here. I really liked the theme and I immediately got an inspiration what I could do. Of course I did not win, but that is fine since I had a lot of fun shooting and editing. Main Rule Any doll shown… Continue reading DoA Anniversary 2018 Photography Contest

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Boxopening #12: Souldoll Sweeter Lilly And Sevi

Last Wednesday I looked up my Souldoll order from January 2018. Since I know Souldoll is a great company, but do not really send out shipping notices, I occasionally look up the status of my order. And this time it showed me "on shipping". I it is weird I still was surprised, I sometimes forget… Continue reading Boxopening #12: Souldoll Sweeter Lilly And Sevi

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Chewbacca FF Photostory (Part 1)

 THE DESSERT The air smelled sour with a hint of dead rat. His nose wiggled uncomfortable and a little cough came out of his mouth. His brown fur rose when a sudden wind blew through the dessert. Chewbacca shook himself and goosebumps crawled over his back. he loaded his bow to be ready, if something decided… Continue reading Chewbacca FF Photostory (Part 1)

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Doll Commission #2: Rosamonds Clothes

Hello again 🙂 This is already some time ago (May 2018), since I made this little commission for Borbs aka Roterwolkenvogl. She bought an antique doll clothes set for her character Rosamond. She is on a SummbirdBJD Viola Body, the same as Nettie  but in light skin and the clothes needed some alteration. So she asked… Continue reading Doll Commission #2: Rosamonds Clothes