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Veve is my main Unvierse, where the most of my MSD and smaller dolls live and breathe. I wrote some stories here and there and there is a novel laying around, which I still have to continue to write and edit…
genre: supernatural, Thriller, romance, family
words: around 60.000


The humans live in the “real” world, this earthly world. Most of them never see or feel anything from the otherworld. They don’t remember the true essence of life and death. But a few of them are gifted, these people are still sensitive to the otherworld. Even sometimes a human is capable of traveling with their soul from one world to the other.



A Loa is ghost spirit of voodoo, with great power und nearly unlimited posibilities. The Loa are capable of granting nearly every wish of their followers. In a ritual Loa get offerings for their blessing, mostly fruits, flowers or drinks, but also animals, each Loa get his or her favorite things. The Loa only takes the spirit of the offerings, which is the essence of his life, the remains can be used by the humans. Each Loa will be called by his name, but also has his own individual sign, his Veve. There are many different families in voodoo and each Loa belongs in one of them. The three big families are Ghede, Petro and Rada.



The Daevas were godlike beings, wh weren’t able to differ between the truth (asha) and the lie (druj). They were ruthless, arrogant and haughty against everything and everyone. After some time one of them, Ahriman the snake, became the first demon- and godlike Daeva and the other Daevas followed him. They were pure evil and a reign of terror began in the Otherworld and also on some places in the human world. Ahriman picked seven Arch Daevas, who became his loyal servants and generals of his growing army. After a long dark era, eventually Ahriman vanished and after that the Arch Daevas were broken, banished or captured.



In the beginning there were the gods – overly powered beeings, nearly immortal and beyond human imagination. They formed groups and spread all over the world, or should we say: worlds. Some decided to live in the human world, to rule and/or guide. Some decided to stay in the Otherworld forever, slowly weakening without the light of the human souls. This is what make them strong, each soul that believes in them and lend their light. But a god would never hurt the souls under his wing, maybe some other, but surely not his own. There are still some gods hidden beneath the human kind, but it is quite difficult to find them.



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Lost Children

The lost children are formed by the dying soul of a innocent child, catched by darkness and twisted by the depth of hell. Yes there is a hell, there are all kind of hell and hellkind pits in the otherworld. They often appear in your nightmare, lurring you in the darkest Corner and eventually feast on your Soul, when they are done playing with you. They are little vampires, but other than their blood sucking novel “relatives”, they need the souls of the mortals.



Demons are little evil Spirits. Spirits? They would say they are the essence of fun and good humor. Everyone else would most likely say: They are just a pain in the butt. Demons are as old as time, but it is not so clear where they are from and how many there are. In the war between the Daeva and the rest of the beeings, they sided with the Daeva. After some time even the Demons realized, that this was the dumbest idea they ever had.



This is my SD Unviverse and very young and fresh. There is not so much for now – I  am still working on my characters and basic story line.
genre: slice of life, romance, music
words: around 750

-coming soon-

“The Sisters”

These are my little Azone Girls and they are more for fun or pure joy. You can find a little bit more on their profiles, but their story is very basic and not written.

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