Rise of the Daevas

The Daevas were the Kings and Queens of Demons and other evil beings. Daevas and Demons look quite different. A Daeva has a human form, a vessel of mischief, fooling humans with their looks. Some of them are beautiful, luring their victims in the dark shadows, to feast on them. Others are so fearsome, that every human would do or give anything to get away from them.

Daevas were in the beginning godlik and pure. They came to the humans for the their prayers and love of the mortal beeings. But some of these godlike beeings became jealous, arrogant, haughty and violent. Most of the gods tried to live with the asha, the truth of life and love, they became the loving gods. But the Daevas were more and more drawn to the lie, druj. Eventually they became pure evil with dark blood pumping to their veins. They would raid the lands for fun and pleassure, leaving nothing but fear and blood. So the humans rejected them as gods and started to call them Daevas – The fallen Gods.

One of them became the most powerful one, the Snake called Ahriman. who brought all of the Daevas together. Even the little Demons and other darklings began to follow his dark energy, this ruthless fallen god. Ahriman and his seven most loyal formed an armee of despair and torture, his seven Arch Daevas and his Generals.


Ahriman looked like a young boy with big horns and red eyes, shining like rubies in the dark. He was once a god, then a Daevas, never satisfied and he always wanted more. Drunk by power, violence and dark energy, he pushed himself further and further. He absorbed every little darkness he could find, never resting or any mercy for himself and especially for others. He even absorbed demons and evetually was able not only to get their energies, but also their abilities. But at one point it was simply too much – he was full. But he kept on eating until… yes, until what?


Saurva was a Hunter, traditional with a bow of a walnut tree and the insignia of a goblet, since he is also the Daeva of drinking. He was aleways the leader of the Arch Daevas, the most intelligent. Ahriman trusted him to keep his sevants in line, but also valued his opinion in strategies. But Saurva was not always this loyal to Ahriman, he was the last to join the army. He is a lone wolf, who loves to live and didn’t quite agree with the plans of the fellow Daeva. But in the end he was also poisioned by the power and possibilites and eventually became more like addicted to the King of Evil.

Aeshma and Astovidatu

Aeshma and Astovidatu found each other very early. Some say they have a kind of “romantic” relationship, some say, they just compliment each other in their dedication for torture and fear. They love to feast on freshly souls – together of course. If a soul rises up – lets call it heaven- Astovidatu and Ashma linger in the dark shadows, ready to purge on the innocent energies. Astovidatu captured the souls with a black rope and pulled them in the shadows. Then Aeshma and Astovidatu absorbed the energy of this pure and poor beeings. But only the good and strong memories, until there was only a sad and terrified soul left.  This dark energy transformed Aeshma in a knife, which he collected and both of them gained power of. One knife for each soul and each knife with his own name.

Agash and Aka Manah

Agash and Aka Manah were both beautiful, each one in her own way. Agash was the one who killed in joy – merciless, brutal and violent. Bathing in blood and intestines until she was satisfied, but she nearly never was. Aka Manah was a temptress, lurring her victims, giving them pleasure until she turned their reality in pure evil madness. Both were dear to Ahriman. His two deadly and beautiful women, his loyal servants and generals. Agash and Aka Manah were in an constant fight for the attention of their master, trying to outbid the other. This made them even more dangerous, but also more careless.

Zarik and Taru

Zarik and Taru think of each others as brother and sister. There are not really blood relations inthis race, but it is possible for two Daevas to bond deeply. This happend to Zarik and Taru, so they eventually developed a similar appearance and  a telekinese connection. They can communicate without spoken words, just by sending feelings, pictures and desires from one mind to the other. They also compliment each other n their interests and preferences in nature and natural toxics and poisions. Zarik loves to make poisions out of seeds, mushrooms and plants, to create toxic tonics and tincutres, each with a different evil flavor. But Taru is the one who uses them. He mixes them in the Food and Drinks of the humans. Poisioning the animals and plants around the People and feast on their suffering. But the animals and plant would never be harmed. They mostly despite the human race.

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