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Role Online – 10 Minute Project (in translation)
#1 Hocus Pocus Fidibus
#2 The Oger
#3 Football’s Coming Home
#4 Like A Thought

Role Online – 100 quotes Project (2018)

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Family Of Death
Family of Freedom (2018)
Family of Justice (2018)


Rise Of The Daeva
Fall Of The Daevas (2018)
After The Fall (2018)


The First Glow (2018)
Tribunal Of Five (2018)
All Hail The Queen (2018)


Seher (2018)
Traveller (2018)
Empath (2018)


The First (2018)
The Last (2018)
Eternaty (2018)


Why (2018)
Where (2018)
When (2018)

National Novel Wrtiting Month (NaNoWriMo) 2017

Centuries passed by, since the godlike Daevas, Emperors of all Demons and ghostlike Creatures, tried to conquer the earth under the command of Ahriman. Ahriman the snake, the butcher and master. His loyal servants are shattered and broken all over this and the other world. The world of souls and gods. But dark clouds are in the sky and the air begins to crackle.

A dead Raven lies in front of the shop, Marielle knows that this is not a good sign at all. She does not only feel it around her, but also in herself that something is coming. Something big. She closes her eyes and listens to the Otherworld. But everything she sees are a pair of red eyes.

Veve is a novel about three women and their little Wicca Shop, supernatural cases and the harmony of both worlds. The world of the mortals and the Otherworld.

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