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Diorama #1: Mystical Woods

So I crafted something in the last days and I am so excited to Show it to you guys. Most of you know, that Georg and I live in a very small space. I mentioned it quite some time here and there. We are currently looking for a bigger apartment, but it is horrible in Munich… Continue reading Diorama #1: Mystical Woods

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Miss Sassy and Miss Swag

I love these two... I did a little photo shooting with Marie and Nettie - those two are so fun to shoot. You place them and they look just... sassy and with such swag a and character. I am really happy to kind of have finished dolls here - that makes me feel a little… Continue reading Miss Sassy and Miss Swag

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Agash The Hangman

Agash is rotting in the forest of the soul trees. If you are very quiet you can hear her breath...             Agash is the Daeva of the evil eye. She is also the Hangman of Ahriman, King of the Daeva and Demons - or more fallen King. She is the… Continue reading Agash The Hangman

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DoA Anniversary 2018 Photography Contest

I managed to take part in the DoA Anniversary Bare Minium Contest - see here. I really liked the theme and I immediately got an inspiration what I could do. Of course I did not win, but that is fine since I had a lot of fun shooting and editing. Main Rule Any doll shown… Continue reading DoA Anniversary 2018 Photography Contest

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Boxopening #12: Souldoll Sweeter Lilly And Sevi

Last Wednesday I looked up my Souldoll order from January 2018. Since I know Souldoll is a great company, but do not really send out shipping notices, I occasionally look up the status of my order. And this time it showed me "on shipping". I it is weird I still was surprised, I sometimes forget… Continue reading Boxopening #12: Souldoll Sweeter Lilly And Sevi