Allgemein, BJD, doll meet up, group, MSD, SD, YOSD

Munich Doll Meet 21.04.2018

So we met again... ๐Ÿ˜‰

Allgemein, BJD, doll meet up, group, MSD, SD, YOSD

ย Munich Doll Meet 04.02.2018

So yesterday my local BJD group metย โ™ก

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ADAW 2017 #6: week 36-41

This was quite exhausting... I shot all these pictures in one day! Why you ask? Don't ask me... I tried the last days and weeks to do a kind of week plan, but I failed in some points. I really was exhausted through work and I mostly slept - also I fell a bit behind… Continue reading ADAW 2017 #6: week 36-41

Azone, BJD, character, female, MSD, photoshoot, YOSD

ADAW 2017 #5: week 29-35

More than half way through!!! This is crazy, I never thought I would get so far and like what I do. I am still not perfect, but think I slowly improve in my photography skills, set up, lighting, editing and so on. When this year is done, I will definitely do a Little recap, before… Continue reading ADAW 2017 #5: week 29-35