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Agash The Hangman

Agash is rotting in the forest of the soul trees. If you are very quiet you can hear her breath...             Agash is the Daeva of the evil eye. She is also the Hangman of Ahriman, King of the Daeva and Demons - or more fallen King. She is the… Continue reading Agash The Hangman

BJD, character, crafting, DIY, female, MSD, sewing

OC Design #16: Agash (+ Video)

Agash is finished for now! Last year I made a Court Dress for Marie - it was a project group on DoA and was really fun to make. But to be honest, I will never use it again. So while I thought about, how I wanted my Doll Zone Star to look like and looked… Continue reading OC Design #16: Agash (+ Video)